Roxane Bruneau shares bad news about her health

Roxane Bruneau shares bad news about her health

On Thursday evening, Roxane Bruneau had to cancel her appearance at the Fête du Lac des Nations in Sherbrooke, citing health problems.

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Over the weekend, the singer gave an update on her health and the results aren’t what she expected.

“The news is not very good,” the 32-year-old wrote in an Instagram post.

“The infection is in my sinuses now too. They are prolonging my forced rest and taking antibiotics. Good news my vocal cords are not affected yet but they are not immune.

While the singer announced the cancellation of her show last Thursday, several netizens did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction, some even going so far as to use rather harsh language.

In her recent post, Bianca Longpré showed her support for Bruneau.

“I’m sorry/I’m sorry you have to post like this to prove you’re really sick. I’ve seen publications insulting you for canceling shows. How people died inside to write this. May you be ill in peace.”

Roxane Bruneau’s next show is scheduled for July 26th at Festi-Plage in Cap Espoir. At this point in time, the cancellation has not yet taken place.

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