Rosalía, where reality divides

Rosalía, where reality divides

You won’t be able to avoid it, hypocritical boomer, my neighbor, mon frère. Even if, like me, you live on among tunes from yesterday’s world, at the end Despecha will magnetize you. The song of the summer? Let’s be serious, please: a voice that rides the new sentimentality, drives it and pulls it along with its allure to feel part of the present.

Nothing was improvised, everything worked according to plan. The seed planted in the opening show of the tour in Almería and then the avalanche that begins to grow on the networks, the spark of the viral moment on TikTok (35 seconds that are pure adrenaline) that companies crave , who monitor digital trends to the second and the growing community with the public concert by concert. And on Wednesday the announcement during his performance at the BEC in Bilbao. Before you get home, the song will be put online. On Friday it was already clear that he would hit very hard. In the early afternoon she herself wanted us to know that she had been crowned. Recording on Spotify Spain and best debut in the entire history of the platform for a Spanish song sung by a woman. Signs of inevitably narcissistic times. Either your brand is being imposed or you are dust, ash, next to nothing.

Clues to how the Rosalía brand was regenerated can be discovered in the final verse of the new song. His usual phrase of heckling is heard, but suddenly two names – Chris Jedi and Gaby – spring to mind and he outlines his vital parable – “From Barcelona to Santo Domingo” -. First up are two of her newest producers: two Puerto Ricans who were instrumental in the singer’s molt from El mal Querer to Motomami. This evolution takes her from her origins – it could be a joint at the Raval, as Carla Turró recounted here – to global stardom, inscribing herself as a diva in the imagination of Latin American culture. It’s the circle she drew herself in Barcelona when she remembered how the adolescent had attended an Estopa concert there 20 years ago and now the Muñoz brothers listened happily to her in the Palau Sant Jordi. From a group that started with a model to an artist who incorporated the industry paradigm shift into her work.

Rosalía is a perfect product for the current culture analysis because we can perfectly identify her roots and, without cutting her, follow with her the journey of success and experimentation that she undertakes from her pant that starts with flamenco and finally to hip hop and music leads .urban. It’s a somersault she was able to accomplish due to her power as an interpreter, resulting in a full two-part reality, but she has the ability to fully cast it. On this tour, better than the previous ones, the musical experience is as real as it is virtual, transforming the concert into an experience where both the collective enjoyment of live performances and the individual enjoyment of viralization come together. Luis Hidalgo described it perfectly: “Today the screens show the gaze constructed by a production that adds information to what the eye sees on a stage already set”. what does the eye see As always, that is the question.

He sees her, obviously, he sees her merged with the imaginary of her character: the motomami, the woman who affirms herself by expressing her feelings without conforming to a traditional code, but boldly. In this sense, Despecha is a playful coming-out. This millennial model’s party topped with the dance and the costumes and exiting the room itself in response to each submission. A self-respecting boomer should be banned from using that phrase, but reality has bifurcated and imposed their language. When you see Rosalía, the hypocritical brother, you feel the threat of empowerment.

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