Rosalía premiered “Despechá”, the most anticipated video of the year

Rosalía premiered “Despechá”, the most anticipated video of the year

Rosalía premiered the video for “Despecha”.

Rosalía, one of the most influential artists of recent times, premiered the video of Disappoint”, one of the songs of the hour.

In the video you can see her enjoying the beach and the sun, dancing to a catchy rhythm that combines some merengue to take inspiration from artists from the Dominican Republic, without neglecting a touch of reggaeton and pop, but with one clear message of empowerment from those who have ever tried to forget a partner as mentioned in his lyrics.

“There are many ways to be incorrigible, on this subject it’s madness and freedom, without reservations or regrets”says the Spanish artist about her new subject. In this context, he thanked and confirmed personalities such as Fefita La Grande, Juan Luis Guerra and Omega through a post Without her, this song wouldn’t exist.

“I’m grateful to have been able to travel and learn from the music of other places over the last few years, including the Dominican Republic, where artists like Fefita La Grande, Juan Luis Guerra or Omega have inspired me and without them this song would not be exist,” he added.

Although it was initially supposed to be called “De Lao a Lao”, the artist decided on “Despecha” when asked by her followers, who quickly celebrated the song as one of their favorites even without an official release.

“Despecha” sweeps all platforms

Rosalía premiered the video of "despise"Rosalía premiered the video for “Despecha”.

The first previews of the song were released on July 13 and are current already collects more than 11 million views on YouTube and almost 4 on Spotify, positions itself in 6th place in the global top 50 of the renowned multimedia service.

Meanwhile, the challenge that the singer herself installed through the TikTok video platform and whose track has resulted in more than 650,000 uses, does not stop adding the participation of users in the same way as it does on Instagram with 186,000 reels made include parodies or go out to other people with devotion.

Rosalía premiered the video of "despise"Rosalía premiered the video for “Despecha”.

In the midst of the resounding success and not surprising given the excellence of the artist since the beginning of her career, “La Motomami” will land in the region to visit different Latin American countries with one of the greatest proposals of her production, also considering This is the first of these Orders of magnitude after the containment required by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In case of low availability or in many cases with exhausted functions, Starting August 14, he will perform four concerts in Mexico, visiting the country’s capital, then Zapopan in the state of Jalisco and then Monterrey. Brazil will have their chance on the 22nd of the same month, Argentina on the 25th and 26th, Chile on the 28th and Colombia on Wednesday 31st August.

The tour does not end, because by the end of this year he plans to visit several destinations in the United States (New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta and Miami), he will also be in Germany, Amsterdam , London, France and the countries of the world that over time have managed to establish their artistic imprint, breaking through the language barriers and all the prejudices that limit the musical genre that characterizes them.

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