Rosalia on vacation in Rome Carbonara in the center and

Rosalia on vacation in Rome, Carbonara in the center and a visit to the Vatican Museums: “You are beautiful”

Rosalia it is at Romeor rather, she was in Rome these days and she was there tourist perfect: from within the culture Vatican Museumsfor good Eat with the bacon and egg in a typical Roman tavern. There Eternal City convinced her and the Spanish singer couldn’t help but document her lazy days, albeit only on the last day when she wanted to leave to avoid being noticed and the onslaught of fans who would have been looking for her in the back streets of Romeoverall.

After a sold-out concert in Milan on June 23 that wowed fans, Rosalia has decided to return to Bel Paese, but this time to enjoy the landscapes and culture that Italy and Rome in particular can offer.

Let’s look at the handbook of the perfect tourist, according to La Rosalía.

Giulia Stabile cried at Rosalia’s concert: “This is the effect it has on me”

Giulia Stabile and the yellow of the bouquet: “I’m mine, but today a little bit yours.” Who is he with?

There Rosalia She might not have picked the best days to be in Rome given the scorching heat of the past few weeks, but she certainly enjoyed it and was charmed by the city, which welcomed her with open arms. The Spanish singer has posted a series of photos on Instagram documenting her days in the world Capital citywhere he showed the main activities typical for a tourist.

After an interesting visit to Vatican Museumswhere the guide gave you the keys to open the doors and explore every corner of the museum, Rosalia decided to take a walk around the historic center The Trevi Fountain, where, standing on his back, he threw a coin into the water with his right hand and his eyes closed. Fans wanted to remind her immediately, so the Legendwhoever tosses a coin in the Trevi Fountain is guaranteed to return to Rome and one sincerely hopes that the singer can return, perhaps for a new one concert.

The day of Rosalia can only end with a very good one bacon and egg Recorded in a typical Roman orsteria and enjoyed with a smile on your face and a dedication to the city: “Live Rome, you are.” Extremely beautiful

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