Rosalía and C. Tangana: Their intense relationship before international fame

Rosalía and C. Tangana: Their intense relationship before international fame

Posted in PROMINENTS on 07/31/2022 01:30

Rosalie and C. Tangana are enjoying worldwide success with their numerous singles that have gone around the world; Nonetheless, Few know that these music stars had an intense romance that was well known in Spain before their names were pronounced by people across the pond.

It all started as a musical collaboration that soon grew into something more intimate and sentimental. According to their country’s media, they met in 2016 through Dano, a mutual friend. C Tanganaalso known as Pucho, was smitten with the singer’s voice and knew it would reach the highest popularity points.

They did quite a few songs together, but the one that got their European fans euphoric was “Call Me Later” where you can enjoy the incredible power of their voices together. Two idols were born. Later they spoiled their followers with it “Before I die” also in 2016.

That last song was a complete revolution to the point where it became the “Anthem of Spain” for fans of the industry. He put them on the world map and along with the genius Alizzz who was a partner of C. Tangana, they had a huge impact on the radio of the entire planet Earth.

It was the beginning of a very important moment in her career, along with her love story. By the second song together, they were already in love. They accompanied each other to presentations, supported each other unconditionally, applauded their works and no longer concealed their admiration and great love.

Why did Rosalía and C. Tangana land?

The intense love between the singers did not last long, they were only together for a few years In May 2018, their split was officially announced for reasons still unknown. Rumors suggest that Pucho was cheating on Rosalía, but in reality nothing has been confirmed (or denied) so far.

At the end of the year, Rosalía released the album “El Mal Querer” which took her to the top where C.Tangana co-edited eight of the eleven songs. They didn’t end up completely distancing themselves…they both know that they are individually talented, powerful and unique, but together they make an intense explosion.

Later, Rosalía released “Brillo” with one of the most important singers of the urban genre: J Balvin. It is said that it was dedicated to Pucho because it shone, but apparently he didn’t care. Then a long list of alleged references was released by both of them on each of their albums. It is said that “Candy”, “Como un G” and “La Fama” have verses dedicated to her ex-boyfriend.

While in “El Madrileño”, an album that brought the Spaniard a resounding success, It is said that the song “I’m never” is dedicated to the “Motomami”.as well as “Tú me dejaste de Quiero” and “Demasiadas Mujeres”, a single that exploded in Europe but especially in America, managing to have sold-out performances and participation in the most important festivals in Mexico, the United States and Chile , Colombia and more. .

They had a short relationship, but one of them so intense that they will be unforgettable. We have no doubt that they will forever hold a special place in each other’s hearts. Perhaps it was her destiny to share an emotion so intense that it didn’t necessarily mean a relationship ended.

Now Rosalía is dating the Puerto Rican urban music singer Rohw Alexander while C. Tangana is with Chilean photographer Rocío Aguirre.

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