Rosa Valiente what happened to the volleyball player who separated

Rosa Valiente: what happened to the volleyball player who separated Natalia Málaga for ‘indiscipline’?

She was considered one of our volleyball’s great hopes but was derailed at some point in her career due to praise and was branded ‘undisciplined’ by Natalia Málaga and separated from the same team. However, he managed to bounce back from rising from the ashes and coming out on top despite the distance to the Bicolor. Who are we talking about? Brave Rose.

The 26-year-old volleyball player, who was included in the award-winning group of “Matadorcitas”, made history in this national sport by inaugurating herself with the gold medal at the South American Championship for minors in 2012, not equaled for 32 years. However, just as he has been showered with praise and numerous positive comments for his game, he has also been the victim of cyberbullying.

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What happened between Rosa Valiente and Natalia Malaga?

Two years after winning the gold medal in South America, things were not going well between Rosa Valiente and Natalia Málaga when, to the surprise of thousands of people, the coach of the Peru team decided to separate them for “constant indiscipline”. Who hasn’t believed such a drastic decision?

The popular ‘Mala Mala’ assured on her Facebook account that the athlete was disfellowshipped for “indiscipline, lying to me, not taking care of herself (she’s gaining weight), not showing up or looking after herself took care of the injury. The strategist claimed Valiente didn’t attend bicolor training because her grandmother was in poor health.

“Rosa Valiente is separated for indiscipline because she lied to me about not taking care of herself, she is against weight gain, because of absence, she doesn’t care about the injury at all and I’m tired. In short, she’s a freshman who thinks she deserves everything. She’s wrong, you earn stuff. She thinks she deserves everything from me with the little she has done, that’s not the case,” said the DT, who would later learn the truth: Rosa was pregnant.

In the preview of Grand Prix 2014 and when Málaga learned the truth, she confessed that she harbored no resentment towards him, but was sorry because “she didn’t know how to take advantage of me and she wasn’t honest with me”. He also pointed out that she had just told him everything when he found out that he would no longer be part of the team. “It won’t be easy, he has to earn it and now he’s going to have a son,” he said of Valiente’s potential return to the national team.

Rosa Valiente was separated from the national team by Natalia Málaga. Photo: spread

The hard moment of Rosa Valiente

When she found out about their split, Rosa Valiente was not having a good time as she was harassed and criticized on social networks to the point that her pregnancy was in jeopardy.

In an interview with “D-Day”, the athlete told of the difficult days she had to go through up to the day of the birth of little Liam, who suffered from heart palpitations and had to have an operation.

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Brave went to Malaga

At the age of 18 and already a mother, Rosa Valiente collapsed live, losing forgiveness not only to her followers but also to Natalia Málaga.

“It happened to me because I didn’t listen to my mother. She was absolutely right. What happened to me is that I ignored him. That doesn’t mean my baby is a mistake. This creature is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I thank everyone for their support but especially my mom because she’s the only one who’s been with me through thick and thin and the only one who understands me,” she said tearfully on the show Factory of Dreams.

Rosa Valiente took part in the “Factory of Dreams” program. Photo: ATV

Rosa Valiente is currently no longer called up for the volleyball A team, but plays for Deportivo Alianza for the Liga Nacional Superior de Vóley.