Rodrigo Bocardi achieves the highest number of viewers of the year and   s ibope Turbine  TV Pop

Rodrigo Bocardi achieves the highest number of viewers of the year and s ibope Turbine TV Pop

The chaotic morning of Tuesday (14th) in the São Paulo metropolitan area, caused by the absence of bus drivers in the region, directly affected the performance of Globo: audience leader, the channel gained even more viewers with the intense coverage of the events in the city . Even before the start of the day, in the early hours of Monday (13), Hora 1 peaked at 9 points and had his best performance of 2022 that weekday, averaging 5.8 points, an index comparable to Record and primetime soap operas SBT.

After Roberto Kovalick’s journalistic presentation, Rodrigo Bocardi directed a special edition of Bom dia São Paulo. Devoted almost entirely to news about the strike, pausing only for small interludes about the rise in dengue cases in an inland town and for an entry about World Blood Donor Day, the morning had its best year. Consolidated viewership data obtained through the report of the pop tv with market sources giving the news an average of 10.9 points, with a top score of 13.

The good reviews of Rodrigo Bocardi ran through the Globo morning program: In addition to the regional news, Bom dia Brasil also achieved the highest result of the year with an average of 10.8 points. Mais Você, which also benefited from the consequences of the Pantanal chapter, obtained an average score of 9.9 and had a 29% growth compared to the last four Tuesdays. The meeting, already in the offseason of the moderator of Fátima Bernardes, scored 8.9 points, up 20% compared to previous weeks.

The chaotic day in the country’s capital also left a surprise in the afternoon program. Benefiting from the increasing number of connected TVs, the O Cravo ea Rosa reissue achieved its thirdbest performance, averaging 15.9 points, only behind the 17.0 points achieved on May 31, the date when São Paulo received a recorded the lowest temperatures of the year so far and the 16.0 recorded in the June 1 chapter.

Look at the average values ​​​​received by the programs of the main TV channels this Tuesday (14):


AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)15.7
Good morning SP10.9
Good morning Brazil10.8
More you9.9
Meeting with Fatima Bernardes8.9
globe sports12.6
newspaper today12.9
The carnation and the rose15.9
Afternoon session: A token of love12.5
Always worth seeing: The favorite15.5
Beyond Illusion19.6
face and courage22.6
National Journal26.4
No limit 616.5
profession reporter10.5
Globo newspaper7.6
Conversation with Bial5.4
Face and Courage (repeat)4.3
Comedy at Dawn: Vai Que Cola3.7
hour 14.8

AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)5.5
General Balance2.1
General Balance Sheet Manhã SP3.2
Speak Brazil4.0
Record newspaper 24h Morgen4.4
Overall balance SP6.7
flames of life4.2
Record newspaper 24h afternoon4.5
alarm city7.2
Jornal da Record 24h afternoon II4.6
City Alarm SP8.4
recording journal8.0
All the girls in me4.0
love without equal4.1
Power Couple Brazil 65.3
Chicago Med2.8
Record 24h newspaper2.3
Speak, I hear you1.3
Universal Church0.6

AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)4.2
First impact2.4
First Impact 2nd edition3.2
Family cases2.8
sea ​​of ​​love last chapter4.5
Beware of the angel5.8
tomorrow is forever6.1
SBT Brazil6.1
Poliana Moca7.2
Angel’s face6.1
mouse program5.5
Spectacular cinema: The Big Liar 24.3
The night2.6
Operation Mosque1.7
If you haven’t seen it, you will: Goliath School and My BrotherinLaw1.4
The best connection reporter1.5
SBT Brazil 2nd edition1.6

Each dot represents 74,666 households and 205,755 individuals in the São Paulo metropolitan area.
Data provided by broadcasters