Rocco Basilico Sonja And there is also Megan

Rocco Basilico, Sonja. And there is also Megan

Last year they were among the couples photographed on the Capri red carpet when Rocco Basilico and Sonia Ammar attended the Pro Unicef ​​Gala in Florence at the Certosa di. organized by LuisaViaRoma in late July 2021 (Photo by Getty). San Giacomo attended. Smiling Basilico, now 32 years old son of Nicoletta Zampillo and Paolo Basilico and heir of 12.5% ​​of Luxottica, from his stepfather Leonardo Del Vecchio. At his side is his girlfriend, model Sonia Ammar. If they attend the event this year, scheduled for July 30th at the same place in Capri, they will surely be among the couples, or maybe the most photographed couple. In terms of media exposure, and despite being protagonists in the world of images and fashion, Basilico and Ammar have chosen to appear (on social networks) with great understatement. In particular, the heir of Del Vecchio, who is CEO of the Oliver Peoples brand in Luxottica. The pictures posted on their two profiles @roccobasilico and @itsnotsonia show them, especially the manager, in a confidential attitude but as a couple in love (a bit shiny) like others (the pictures come from the social profiles).
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