Roberto Carlos lookalike confuses singers fans in Rios Electoral District

Roberto Carlos lookalike confuses singer’s fans in Rio’s Electoral District

A lookalike of Roberto Carlos attracted attention when he appeared at a polling station in Urca, in Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone today. Roberto Carlos has lived in this neighborhood for decades.

Fans of the singer confused the doppelganger with the “king”, caused a commotion in space and asked for photos with the interpreter. The “original” Roberto Carlos was not photographed in this year’s election.

Discreet about political opinions, the singer said in July this year that he would not publicly comment on the issue, nor would he reveal who he would vote for.

‚ÄúThis story that someone contacted me is a lie. Nobody contacted me. I keep choosing like I always have. And I’ve always kept my voice a secret. That’s how it will stay,” Roberto told the O Globo newspaper.