Robert Pattinson, the actor reveals the absurd diet he had to follow to get his body.  But don’t try this at home!     Best Movies

Robert Pattinson, the actor reveals the absurd diet he had to follow to get his body. But don’t try this at home! Best Movies

Robert Pattinson Diet

Do you want the body of Robert Pattinson? Are you really sure? Because judging by the actor’s latest statements, it has extremely high (food) costs. The face of the saga of dusk and The Batman actually revealed the absurd diet he had to followin a wider speech criticizing the Hollywood beauty standards.

During an interview with ES, Pattinson recalled some of his earlier statements about not wanting to pump too much for some of his roles, including the recently released The Batman. how Alexander skarsgardhe, too, has expressed some unease at being put on a possible list of sex symbols that might have been chosen precisely because of his body:”It’s a bit embarrassing when you get caught up in a spiral of questions about your workout because there’s always someone in better shape than you.”

With this, the actor illustrated the problem of beauty ideals, which affect young actors in particular: “It’s very easy to get caught in a certain spiral, even if you only think about how many calories you’re eating, it’s really addictive and They don’t realize how insidious it is until it’s too late». Although he never had any problems with his body, Robert Pattinson also gave an example of a certain diet he had to follow.

“I’ve tried pretty much every fad you can think of, everything except texture,” the star said. I once ate nothing but potatoes for two weeks to detox. Just boiled potatoes pink Himalayan salt. Apparently it’s for cleaning up, you’re definitely losing weight.” Pattinson didn’t clarify which role or set he was on the diet for, but certainly his It is NOT advice that must be followed: every diet must be approved by a doctor and tailored for each person, therefore “Don’t try this at home!“.

Shortly before the release of The Batman, the same performer had revealed that he was already on a pretty extreme diet to play the role of young and emaciated Bruce Wayne, so much so that he had to Limit sips of water and make his body even drier. “I had about three months to prepare before the film started, and then I always practiced before and after work. Shame is 100% my biggest motivator,” said Pattinson.

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