Road safety: Bruno Marchand has his own poster –

Road safety: Bruno Marchand has his own poster –

Mayor Marchand welcomed the initiative by neighborhood councils, which produced posters to encourage motorists to slow down, and announced that he had installed one of the signs on his own property.

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“I put one on my land. The neighborhood council I’m on had one delivered to me and I planted it on my glorious lawn,” he said on the sidelines of a news conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Although it is still too early to measure the effectiveness of such a campaign, the mayor of Quebec spoke of a “beautiful initiative” that mobilizes citizens to improve road safety in their city.

“It’s not fair to the police to tell them to slow down. we do it together In the neighborhoods, those who generate speed are usually the people who live in the neighborhood (…) We dislike the speed of others, but ours is less uncomfortable in our eyes,” he added.

On Wednesday, the Journal reported that several neighborhood councils recently launched a billboard campaign to encourage motorists to slow down.

Also asked about the use of photoradar, the City of Quebec recalled that their use “is governed by an agreement with the MTQ (Quebec Ministry of Transport). They cannot currently be used on other roads under the agreement with the MTQ. However, we use speed displays as part of awareness-raising measures.”