RJ Judge Orders Hawaiians to Pay R Million to Former Entrepreneur for Breach of Contract

RJ Judge Orders Hawaiians to Pay R$5 Million to Former Entrepreneur for Breach of Contract

The Rio court ordered the members of the radio group Os Hawaiianos to pay around R$4.5 million to the group’s former managers. The decision comes from last Friday (12).

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hit owner”Roll out, hit and villain“, which has nearly 100 million views in the official clip, the Funkeiros broke an exclusive deal that lasted until 2031 to strike a new deal with the GR6 group, according to the decision late last year.

The decision will be made by Judge Andreia Florencio Berto of the 6th Civil Court of Jacarepaguá. The judge notes that Julio Cesar Minilesk Ferreira, aka Gugu; Diogo Silva de Oliveira, known as Dioguinho; Ewerton Luiz da Silva Chagas, Tonzão and Lourivla da Conceição Abel, DJ Abel will pay the former producers within three days, starting from the announcement of the decision.

The court also ordered the payment of legal fees of R$450,000 (10% of the total).

The members of the group signed the agreement with businessmen Edmar Pereira da Silva and Vagner Oliveira Gomes, who represent the Bonde dos Hawaianos brand. When they wanted to transform the agency into Grupo GR6, they signed the documents with the brand “Os Hawaianos”, which is in the name of one of the members of the group.

However, according to the court ruling, the change made by the radio operators did not invalidate the exclusivity contract and the fine must be paid. Defendants can also request a stay of enforcement to defend themselves the appeal serves as a challenge to the original decision.

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On the other side of the legal dispute are Edmar and Vagner, who are demanding the amount from a court due to a fine provided for in the contract. The agreement signed in June 2021 contained in the text that in the event of the dissolution of the company that formed the Hawaianos Bonde with the entrepreneurs, the amount to be paid was R$ 5 million.

Edmar says the problems started when concert fees got higher. The radio operators then unilaterally broke the agreement.

“We tried to call the guys several times, but we couldn’t. They blocked Vagner (another partner) from any contact and published on social media that they had signed a contract with the other producer,” reports Edmar.

Over the past year, several videos were shot by the members showing that Vagner had exclusive rights to lead the group. The testimonies were included in the application filed with the court.

The exentrepreneur’s lawyer, Joabs Sobrinho, told g1 that when he sought Ewerton Luiz da Silva Chagas aka “Tonzão” for an outofcourt settlement, his proposal was rejected: “He considered that the contract was no longer valid Complaint filed and even with the lawsuit you do not want the agreement. The next step is the seizure and blocking provided for by law.”

The report contacted Jhonathan Bragança, Artistic Director and Commercial Director of Grupo GR6. He acknowledged being responsible for the Hawaiians’ career but did not comment on the court’s conviction. Group members were contacted but did not respond.