Rizek says his son spent seven nights in intensive care and needed medical attention too

Rizek says his son spent seven nights in intensive care and needed medical attention too

the journalist André Rizek, from SportTV, made a statement to his son Pedro, one of the twins he has in his relationship with journalist Andreia Sadi, of Globo News. The Seleção host revealed that the oneyearold boy spent seven nights in intensive care at Rio’s Copa D’or hospital.

In the statement, the journalist recalled that the boy’s name had been chosen 18 years earlier, which assessed the level of concern he felt upon seeing his sick son.

My son, I always knew that you would fill me with pride and teach me many things about life I just didn’t expect it to be so soon, at only 1 year and four months. Your name was chosen 18 years before you were born! Thanks to very critical weather conditions on an adventure with Tio Cecel in the Peruvian Amazon, I promised that I would have a son named Pedro when the skies cleared that January of public misfortune in the jungle. It was featured in that 2003 Playboy Magazine, but you’re not old enough to see it yet. He hadn’t even dreamed of meeting his mother, who by this point was a brat — probably pretty angry already — Rizek began.

The journalist indicated that he wrote the message in the intensive care unit next to the child and also said that he would need medical attention because he “didn’t use the pole” to take the boy to the hospital.

Today, as I wrote this text by your side, on our last night in the hospital, I emotionally remembered that promise. I was scared… Luckily you’re already a lot stronger than me! He spent seven nights in a pediatric intensive care unit and never wavered. Even impaled by needles, cables and things that beep 24 hours a day and roll you to sleep, he has managed to infect everyone here with his naughty smile, his love of life, his will to the world. How did you manage to stay here happy and excited son? His dad, being this size, couldn’t stand the pole and ended up in the ER on the fourth day, where he became Mom’s joke for many years. When I grow up one day… I want to be like you, Pedro. he said.

Rizek completed the text by thanking the medical team and other hospital staff. This Thursday, Sadi had already thanked the affection of the supporters and friends because of Pedro. However, the couple did not go into detail about the reasons for the hospital stay.