Rivals comment on Bruno after he pulls out of BBB 23, not allies Splash

This Saturday, some brothers discussed the withdrawal of Bruno Gaga from BBB 23 (Globo). At RaioX, rivals wished the Apothecary good energy, while some of the contestant’s closest allies didn’t even mention him.

Bruno has resigned. The brother stated that he was not well and wanted to leave. With that, he hit the quit button yesterday afternoon and left the show.

Bruno’s allies

With the exception of Aline, Amanda and Larissa, some of Bruno’s closest allies have remained silent on his departure from the program.

Bruna, Ricardo and Cara de Sapato, distraught when the pharmacist gave up, did not comment on what had happened. Fred (Desimpedidos) and MC Guimê also did not comment on Bruno.

Rivals remember brother in Xray

Despite being rivals in the game, some spoke of the contestant’s withdrawal. The most important were Sarah and Gabriel Santana, who wished their prison colleague every success.

Gabriel Santana: “Bruno Gaga is very welcome, the icon he was here made us create several catchphrases and had a lot of fun. I understood what he said, although it was difficult for me to leave him. Person I was in a lot of contact with, especially at parties, because we weren’t allies in the game.”

Sara: “Gaguinha is gone, he is gone. Here’s a place where you feel emotion on your skin, so I can understand how he felt, but it moves us a lot. Receive him with much love, affection and welcome.”

Like Amanda, Fred Nicácio mentioned his exbrother and stressed the importance of mental health. Key Alves and Marvvila also wished Bruno Gaga the best, the singer sent him a kiss while the athlete sent a hug.

Button: “[Ontem] It was a very tense and complicated day. I wanted to send Gaga a hug and ask God to comfort his heart. As for the head, I hope he’s okay.”

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