Riddle: In the middle of a quarry lies an abandoned Boeing 737

Riddle: In the middle of a quarry lies an abandoned Boeing 737

The Boeing 737 above has been parked in a limestone quarry on the edge of a highway on the Indonesian island of Bali for years. The unusual position, as well as rumors of how it ended up there, made the plane a local tourist attraction.

According to British tabloid Chron, local residents are suggesting the Boeing has arrived in the region in parts to be reassembled on the land in question. The company was part of a businessman’s plans to open a restaurant on an airplane.

However, the future owner would have run out of money, which prompted him to give up the gastronomicaeronautical business in the middle of the old quarry.

The vehicle remains locked and without any identification on the body.

Despite the gaps in the history in question, the presence of Boeings in random locations around Bali is a recurring fact on the island.

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At least two other retired planes are cited by the Chron.

The first is next to a donut shop albeit with one of the wings leaning against one of the eatery’s walls.

The second is on a cliff by the sea. It is an investment by Russian businessman Felix Demin. In an interview with the AFP news agency, he said he wanted to revive tourism in the region with the plane, which is to be sold to China as scrap.

Speaking of aviation mysteries, a technology expert claimed to have found the missing Malaysia Airlines plane: through Google Earth. Cash!