Ricky Martins son showed off the inside of the house

Ricky Martin’s son showed off the inside of the house they live in in Puerto Rico

The presence in the social networks of the young person Valentino, one of Ricky Martin’s sons, lets you see a little of the intimacy of his life, of the things he does and what surrounds him every day. For this reason he also thinks that he should make a report for his followers.

The eldest of the Puerto Rican singer’s first-born twins has 44,000 followers on the Chinese platform Tik Tok under the user @tigamingno8 and has since caused a sensation because at 14 the resemblance to his father is more than obvious.

In one of his latest videos, he decided to share various things that happened to him in the month of February. It is that Valentino is always in charge of speaking to the community that follows him and to the new users who find his profile, and this time he has taught more about family intimacy.

Ricky Martins son showed off the inside of the house

It’s about the home that they have in the community of Dorado, Puerto Rico, although it’s more than a house, it’s a mansion. The teenager included the house in his video because it was in a reform process and saw the need to comment on his progress.

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“The remodeling of our home in Puerto Rico is 94 percent complete,” he said in the “report” he gave to his followers, showing some of the renovated corners.

“Here’s the inside and here’s the outside,” he noted, first showing the property’s spacious living room, complete with a large sofa. The whole environment shows very light colors, with a great dominance of white and some cushions in warm colors, both orange and brown.


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He then showed the terrace where a new structure for the gallery right next to the pool could be seen. You may also notice an adjacent spa and even an entire building that appears to be dedicated to guests. The view is completed by palm trees characteristic of “the island of charm”.

valentines day He rated February as a good month despite an injury from which he quickly recovered. He also stressed that he has set a new record for followers and that he hopes March will be just as good.