Rich and global Lucy Ramos lives in a 78meter apartment

Rich and global, Lucy Ramos lives in a 78meter apartment, but the interior is luxurious and photos prove it

Lucy Ramos goes for luxurious decor and comfort for the apartment she lives in

The actress Lucy Ramos Already part of the cast of several TV Globo soap operas, he built a successful television career that brought him a comfortable lifestyle. In a recent chat with Casa Vogue, the veteran showed off a little of her apartment, surprising the public with the luxurious furnishings and all the comforts the residence offers.

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Speaking to the magazine, Lucy Ramos revealed that when she lived at her mother’s house, she had to take several buses to get to work. With this, before buying her apartment, the actress made it clear that she wanted a property in the central area of ​​the city, so her current apartment is in the center. The veteran also revealed that the property was her first major accomplishment with the work she got in acting.

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The actress’ apartment is 78 meters high and has recently been renovated and the surroundings have become brighter. The star also showed that every detail of the property has its touch and when entering the property it is already possible to come across a large and airy room, as well as the dining room.

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Rich and global Lucy Ramos lives in a 78meter apartmentThe apartment of Lucy Ramos (Photo: Reproduction)
ap3The apartment of Lucy Ramos (Photo: Reproduction)
ap2Part of the kitchen of the apartment (photo: reproduction)
ap4The apartment of Lucy Ramos (Photo: Reproduction)
ap5The apartment of Lucy Ramos (Photo: Reproduction)
ap6Apartment bathroom (photo: reproduction)

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