Ricardo Montaner confirms the gender Evaluna and Camilos non binary

Ricardo Montaner confirms the gender Evaluna and Camilo’s non binary son is being raised with

Ricardo and Evaluna Montaner pose. Source: Instagram @montaner

The renowned singer Richard Montaner He continues to enjoy the successes of his career and the fallout from the reality show Los Montaner. But what makes him happiest is undoubtedly having his family together and being able to enjoy his granddaughter. indigofruit of love between his daughter Eve Luna and the Colombian artist Kamilo.

Evaluna and Camilo. Source: Instagram @evaluna

In this context, the upbringing of the new family member was the subject of an extra-family debate. It is that the parents of indigo They decided to raise her without gender perception, that is, as one non binary person. Social networks echoed this, and the media added their own.

Evaluna Montaner Y Kamilo They were recurring names on show programs when rumors surfaced of a crisis in the young marriage. Without attaching importance to what was said, the artists went on with their lives and enjoyed their daughter. But it was Richard Montaner who spoke up in the networks and cleared up with a clear message: “People without a job devote themselves to inventing stories.”

Contribution by Ricardo Montaner. Source: Instagram @montaner

Weeks ago, the interpreter of “The Power of Your Love” brought a new flavor to the virtual world, which once again caused a stir among platform users instagram. Along with a photo of himself with his granddaughter, Ricardo Montaner wrote, “You and I are going on vacation… #IndigoySuAbuelito,” and the use of “she” drew criticism for contradicting the decision to portray her as a person to educate non binary

What gender does Evaluna and Camilo’s non-binary son grow up to be?

Now the grandfather of indigo He reissued a publication in which he confesses that “grandparents exist” and that he had a day when his granddaughter “did whatever she wanted with me.” The photo shows the little girl’s head and hands, and one detail did not go unnoticed by the “clinical eye” of netizens.

Contribution by Ricardo Montaner. Source: Instagram @updates_indigo

indigo she had a pink bow in her hair and again it rained comments on raising the non-binary son of Eve Luna Y Kamilo. “At least he knows it’s a girl?”, “Why are they putting buckles on her if they’re going to raise her like an Ellx?”, “Why have they put bows on the daughter?” and “They don’t give him a gender and they put ties on it,” read after the release.

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