Ricardo Gareca returned to Peru: why did the “Tiger” return to the capital?

Ricardo Gareca returned to Peru: why did the “Tiger” return to the capital?

Ricardo Gareca returned to Peru why did the Tiger return

Beautiful memories. The departure of Ricardo Gareca from the Peru team caused some sadness among the fans. After the appointment of Juan Reynoso as the new Bicolor coach, the “Tiger” continued his life in his home country. However, the Argentine showed up on Peruvian territory to the surprise of many fans.

There may be a clash between Flaco and Cabezón, but the reasons that brought back the strategist who led Blanquirroja to a World Cup after 36 years have nothing to do with the sport.

Reynoso assured in a press conference that he will continue the process and the base left by Ricardo Gareca. Photo: spread

The 64-year-old former soccer player is in the capital to resolve some issues related to moving out of the apartment he rented during his stay in Peru. As revealed by the Trome newspaper, for over seven years Gareca gave away equipment and furniture that he would not take to the employees he worked with.

The future of Ricardo Gareca

Despite the information linking him to Boca Juniors, the veteran strategist has yet to comment on the matter and expectations are high for the new challenge he will take on as a pro.

On the other hand, Juan Reynoso has indicated several times that he will meet with his predecessor. The former technician from Cruz Azul has recognized the work of the “Tiger” and is hoping for advice.

“My intention in Buenos Aires is to speak with Carlos Zambrano and Luis Advíncula, but also with Ricardo Gareca, if you allow me. I owe him a lot and I think he could advise me on what’s to come,” he told Gol Peru.