1676418855 Ricardo Gareca feels uncomfortable with Oscar Ruggeri as he revealed

Ricardo Gareca feels uncomfortable with Óscar Ruggeri as he revealed an anecdote that they lived in Peru

Ricardo Gareca feels uncomfortable with Oscar Ruggeri as he revealed

The former coach of the Peru team did not hide his discomfort and tried to stop his friend from continuing the story that was unfolding in our country. What happened?

As happens at some press conferences, Ricardo Gareca He had an awkward moment while being interviewed for a sports program in Argentina. It turns out the “Tiger” was a guest on ESPN’s “Team F,” where his friend is a panelist Oscar Ruggeri. It was the ‘Cabezón’ who caused trouble for the former coach of the Peru team.

It turns out that Roger revealed an anecdote he lived with Ricardo Gareca when he was in Peru. At one point in the conversation, the ‘Tiger’ He tried to stop him without much success, implying that he was exaggerating with an uncomfortable look on his face. Minutes later, however, he smiled at the drivers’ laughter at the funny anecdote.

“When I was visiting him in Peru, he took me to a restaurant to eat. We opened the door and it was full, poorly utilized. When he entered, everyone stopped and applauded him, I was surprised. I raised my hand thinking it was for me (laughs). How well we ate!” Óscar Ruggeri said on ESPN.

Ricardo Gareca on Carlos Zambrano

In the same interview, Ricardo Gareca spoke about Alianza Lima defender Carlos Zambrano. For the “Tiger”, the “Kaiser” is very temperamental, which is why he was advised to slow down in certain circumstances of a game.

“If you suddenly find yourself in a conflict, you have to know when to stop. From a football point of view you have to have an important personality. To be a player at this level, you have to have a certain intelligence Boca player. Zambrano has it, it’s not that I don’t have it, it’s an issue I discussed with him when he was the coach of the Peru team. I made that clear to him because he is very spirited. He’s had a temper all his life, but when you had to stop, you had to stop,” he said.