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Revolutionary new products

If you’re a fan of the new, you would have loved to have been to Orlando, Florida to see the American Sportfishing Association’s annual exhibition, ICAST.

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A total of 412 manufacturers from around the world met July 11-14 to showcase their innovative product lines to specialty chain and boutique buyers, retailers, the media and other industry stakeholders.

During this gigantic fair dedicated to the people of the industry, the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) organizes an awards ceremony for the best of each division. There were 1,087 articles submitted by 292 companies trying to win awards in the 37 categories.

Product winners in the freshwater bait world include Pure Fishing with the Berkley PowerBait Nessie, Z-Man with the ChatterBait Elite EVO and VMC’s Swingin’ Ned Rig Jig.

For rods, St. Croix received awards for the Mojo Bass Trigon, as did Shimano for their Stradic FM reel. It was Abu Garcia with his zata who won for the best heavy throw group. First prize in fishing line went to Shimano for its Mastiff Fluorocarbon.

In the family of polarized glasses, Costa stood out with the Black 580 G Blue Mirror.

An incredible opportunity

Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to accompany representatives who had in their possession products that were first presented at ICAST and to top it off they both won in their department.

In the ice fishing category, Garmin is the big winner with its LiveScope Plus Ice Fishing Bundle LI and EchoMap UHD2 93 sv.

Campeau Chronicle

Garmin’s LiveScope Plus Ice Fishing Bundle LI with EchoMap UHD2 93 sv is a big winner in the ice fishing category and can be converted into a portable device that can be used all year round. Photo courtesy of Patrick Campeau

In Livescope Forward mode, the LVS34-IF captures images from under the ice within 200 feet of you to locate fish and schools of minnows and help you determine where to drill your next holes. Face down, the device displays animated visual representations of what’s under your position, allowing you to see how predators are reacting to your lure.

In addition, its 16.5 Ah lithium-ion battery is very light and makes it easy to transport.

Raytech Electronics engineer Stéphane Labrecque even had the brilliant idea of ​​attaching the probe without a foot to the shaft of an old electric motor, to which he added a T-handle. This allows it to be used all year round and hung on any boat.

like magic

When you use a device with Garmin real-time scanning technology, you know you’re not fishing in a vacuum. If you can’t see anything in the direction you’re pointing the LVS34 IF probe, don’t throw your victim unnecessarily, because there’s simply nothing to catch.

During my experiment, the outfitter was selling speckled trout. These fish, finding themselves in a new habitat, often migrate in groups. We moved slowly, looking for prospects by rotating the arm attached to the probe.

Campeau Chronicle

While our boat was at 8.1 feet, we could see a group of eight or nine trout about 17 to 29 feet from our position. Photo courtesy of Patrick Campeau

Once we found them, all we had to do was catapult our decoy into the center of the action. This certainly increases our chances of success.

stand out

If you’re an avid angler, a keen tournament participant, a guide or just someone who likes quality gear, chances are you’ll enjoy the Move.

The story begins eight years ago on the premises of Power Pole, Florida. Already known for their electromechanical anchors that resemble spider legs, these engineers aim to improve control and maneuverability on the water. They want to offer their customers a new, newly designed engine that will be installed at the bow. They don’t want to venture into a mass market, but rather target niche markets. As well as tools for entrepreneurs, to name just one example.

Unlike mass-market products, where everything in production is designed to achieve a competitive and attractive price, Power Pole’s management has opted for quality instead. Engineering was instructed to use only the best, regardless of cost.

“Our goal is to provide a level of performance, reliability, robustness and durability that we have not yet found in the industry,” said Lenny Gurvich upon accepting ICAST’s trophy in the Motorized Accessories category.

Quiet and subtle

With a 45″, 52″, 60″ or 72″ aerospace-grade titanium shaft, this brushless motor is lighter and has a 30% smaller head. Whether it’s the pivoting Move PV version or the shearing Move ZR, they’re incredibly quiet.

They can operate on 24 or 36 volts and offer all GPS technologies for satellite fixation, playback of recorded routes, vector mode compensated course keeping, etc.

The instantly responsive steering pedal is supported by a hybrid wireless remote control, two separate button-shaped controls and an indicator wheel. Everything connects via Bluetooth.

During my on-water testing, I was impressed with the Move ZR’s lift assist, tremendous power delivery, super-stable construction, and all the technology that goes with it.

different than others

A few years ago I wrote a text with the diver Daniel Morier. The latter told me how he perceived the sounds in the water.

As for the electric motors, he said he heard a blink.

The ZR is so quiet across the board that I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

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