Review |  Betrayal  Netflix ACTION Miniseries is turnaround after turnaround  CinePOP Cinema

Review | Betrayal Netflix ACTION Miniseries is turnaround after turnaround CinePOP Cinema

There is something that paranoia in the mind of screenwriters likes to write about: the conspiracy universe where everyone is against the interests of the “government”, whatever that might be. Usually centered on the axis Europe United States, an action production of suspense and conspiracy, usually involves good guys versus bad guys, the latter usually coming from nonWestern countries. Following this form, it celebrated its premiere at the turn of the year as one of the bets Netflix the miniseriesTreason‘, a good option for subscribers who like this type of production.


on an ordinary day Mr. Martin Angelis (Ciaran Hinds), Director General of MI6 (The secret service of United Kingdom and the Friendly Nations), is eating lunch at the club he always frequents when he suddenly realizes something is wrong: he has been poisoned. With the director in the hospital, Adam Lawrence (Charlie Cox), a young and energetic man, is appointed director general of MI6. Under pressure but ready to do his best Adam He intensively investigates who could be interested in Adam’s poisoning, but little by little his own life and that of his wife are in danger. maddie (Ona Chaplin) and your sons Callum (Samuel Leakey) and Ella (Beau Gaddon). That’s because Kara (Olga Kurylenko), his Russian exgirlfriend, returns from his past to gather answers about a mission the two were involved in years earlier.

Divided into five episodes of about forty minutes each’Treason‘ is the kind of story that tries to provide at least one major twist per episode to keep the viewer watching. In this sense, it finally achieves its goal, a miniseriesthe viewer is more willing to watch, aware that he will have the end of the story when the miniseries break up.


the script of Markus Charman and Amanda Duke allows the plot axis to rotate at each end of the narrative arc. First, we centered the story on the protagonist Adam, who is a rather distasteful guy who doesn’t justify his position; then we switch to Kara and this denied past that finally explains the why of things; finally we stayed maddie, the woman who begins without much space in the story but ends up as the protagonist. To stuff the shots, a lot thriller Conspiracy with double agents, undercover agents, FBI, MI6, Russian villains and heroism on Arab territory. That is, a script that drinks and amplifies the construction of this image of Arabs and Russians as the big bad guys and the EnglishAmericans as the good guys, even if a lot of the rug is pulled between them.

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The direction shared between Louise Hopper and Sarah O’Gorman It enhances the dynamic of the story and shifts the spotlight from villain to hero, leaving the viewer constantly fooled and not sure who to believe just like the characters in the story. The directors do a competent job of building the suspense and the fighting and shooting scenes, making them quite compelling, which is what action fans will want to see.

Treason‘ is a good fictional miniseries with touches of reality, based on the collective imagination of the northern axis of the earth, which is constantly looking for traitors. It’s nothing new, but it’s well done, and that’s what entertainment is all about.

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