Revenge a la Shakira characters who always take revenge when

Revenge à la Shakira: characters who always take revenge when cheated Notice Contests Brazil

Recently, after discovering her husband’s betrayal pique and the divorce, the singer Shakira told his side of the story through song. She revealed her exhusband’s attitudes and even revealed who his lover was.

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That said, it was a way for the singer to pay it back after being duped for a long time. Now everyone who listens to the songs knows the character of the player. However, Shakira is not the only one.

Many people repay in their own way when they discover a betrayal or a lie. In other words, some uncover what happened, others invent other ways to get revenge. And it has everything to do with the sign!

That said, depending on the Sun and a person’s rising sign, if they feel betrayed, they may be more likely to retaliate. Look what signs these are!


Aries are very energetic. That is, if they want to repay it, they devote themselves and only rest when they feel avenged. After they ended the relationship, however, they quickly recover.


Leos are very vain. They cannot bear to be deceived, even when people do not give them their due value. It gets worse when the betrayal becomes public, after all they are very attached to their own image. With that in mind, they don’t think twice before giving change.


The Scorpio zodiac sign is closely associated with revenge. Scorpios won’t let go, whether it’s a betrayal or a little lie. This way they don’t like feeling weak or losing, so they find a way to demonstrate their strength.


Shakira’s mark: who turned the pain of betrayal into music and made public what she went through. That is, the Aquarius man will come up with a creative way to pay back and get good results for something that was bad.

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