Reveal Yourself by Arnaud Riou Find meaning in your life

“Reveal Yourself” by Arnaud Riou: Find meaning in your life

Through self-actualization one succeeds in giving meaning to one’s life and in enabling a fulfilling life. To do this, we can set goals that we want to achieve, analyze the path we have taken or choose to reveal ourselves. In his book to reveal suggests the author Arnaud Riou to question his own existence. Are we where we should be based on our values, our essence, or our authenticity? These are the famous existential questions that should not be avoided.

Woman standing on a rock with a landscape full of sky and mountains, in the Ecuadorian highlands, she raises her hands as a sign of success that she has achieved her goals.

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A work of introspection is sometimes a necessary step to position ourselves in relation to our needs. It’s worth pausing and daring to question yourself openly. If the answers aren’t quite what you want, why not fix them? It’s never too late to change. Life is precious, so you might as well live it in a way that makes you happy.

For the author, to reveal oneself means to melt away appearances, drop the masks and approach our true personal essence, unique to oneself, to live and live our life purpose.

In the practice of introspection one must know how to show forbearance. The vagaries of life often lead us to make decisions knowing full well that it wasn’t always the best option. Sometimes we move forward a bit blindly, that’s part of life.

Making bad decisions, making a few mistakes, taking a few detours is not that serious as long as you are aware of it. On the other hand, it is more serious to continue on the wrong path. We end up doing what we didn’t want to do in a lifetime, and that’s not the essence of happiness, we all know that.

The people around us often struggle with the same problems as we do and are sometimes forced to make certain bad decisions. So instead of judging, let’s be kind to others as well.

humility and free will

The author also warns of the importance of being humble. Nobody is perfect, so let’s be realistic and don’t try to force ourselves on unattainable goals, otherwise we risk getting lost in the equation until we lose all hope of moving forward.

Sometimes certain trials force us to question ourselves. Why is this happening to me? Could I have avoided it?

It often takes significant events for us to question ourselves.

Nothing comes for free for the author. And often it is this questioning, if done in all authenticity, that allows one to shake oneself up to better understanding. The author actually calls this self-disclosure.

After the big questions come the decisions. Sometimes they are obvious, but if you can’t think of anything, we recommend that you let yourself be guided by our intuition, the famous great wisdom. Sometimes all you need to do is put a question in writing on a piece of paper and let the question sit for a few days, and if you pay attention, answers should come.

The answer can be found in a book, in a movie, or during a conversation that may seem banal a priori. When you find the answer, you will surely know it inside, and then it’s up to you to determine the new direction you want to follow. This is called free will, which is your sole responsibility. It is up to you to take your destiny into your own hands and to fulfill your life purpose.

♦ Arnaud Riou is the author of a dozen books including Awaken the shaman in you, Dare to speak and know how to say it, Play the role of his life and The new ways.