1664705682 Restaurateurs in mourning Carlo Pasin Patron of Pasina has died

Restaurateurs in mourning, Carlo Pasin, Patron of Pasina, has died: “A column for the entire sector”

CASIER – The Treviso restaurant (and beyond) has lost another pillar. Yesterday, early afternoon, Giancarlo Pasin, chef and owner of the “Alla Pasina” restaurant in Dosson, died in the Cà Foncello hospital in Treviso. Born 79 years ago in Silea, he lived in Dosson, where he survived his wife Teresa Celotto, with whom he had founded the restaurant business, his sons Simone and Nicoletta, who follow his path, and his grandchildren Martina, Tommaso, Andrea and Carletto what Concerns Katia and Mattia.


Restaurateurs in mourning Carlo Pasin Patron of Pasina has died

1664705678 785 Restaurateurs in mourning Carlo Pasin Patron of Pasina has died

In mid-December he underwent a delicate operation after a sudden illness due to an aneurysm in the main artery. He had recovered thanks to his strength and returned to the hearth. Then, five weeks ago, he fell ill while returning home from the Belluno area. He was hospitalized in Belluno and then transferred to Treviso, where he recovered after another heart operation but a stroke ended fatally just after midday on Thursday. Giancarlo (for everyone Carlo) had been as a young footballer (Roncade, Ponte di Piave, San Donà, Salgareda) and coach mainly at Dosson, he had worked first at De Longhi and then at Carniato as a locksmith and kitchen repairman the gastronomy.
As a passionate cook, he began cooking for his friends at the age of 17. His mother was a teacher, and this passion turned into a profession. In 1977, after knowing his beloved Teresa, whom he married, he started his business in the tavern Alla Pasina in Dosson, behind the church, his mentor Bepo Maffioli, and then attended courses in Milan and elsewhere. A constant growth through the preparation of traditional dishes. In 2000, the move to today’s restaurant took place, a little further away from where the kitchen column was. Among the many dishes, Carlo has been recognized as the king of risotto (mainly with radicchio di Treviso), which he has tasted at various events in Italy, Europe, Russia and other countries. And he liked to emphasize: “When the stuff is fresh, it always makes a good impression”. While the pasta and beans with radicchio were “El most beautiful Magnare in the world”.

“He was like a brother – remembers Egidio Fior, president of the Radicchio restaurant group, among other things – a great loss. His experience has been a guide for us, always present and at the forefront. He was always available.”
Luigi “Gigetto” Bortolini: “In addition to the loss of a valued colleague with whom I have shared many events, I have lost a long-time friend, so much so that he wanted to make his wedding dinner himself. It was of extraordinary goodness ». Celeste Tonon: «Terrible news, a great loss for our world. Carlo was a person of great kindness and availability ». “Carlo was a wonderful person and colleague – underlines Guido Albertini – a shared history of 45 years that cannot be forgotten, always available and ready for any event.” Andrea Procida emphasizes: “It was simply exquisite, it has the history of the Treviso restaurant business written by this wonderful group that has made known the Marca. Starting from nothing, he could give a lot ».