Response to Catena, Liorni’s failure at root: only protests

Response to Catena, Liorni’s failure at root: only protests


The host of the popular Rai Uno quiz show attacked after an apparent slip committed during the successful deal

Response to Catena Liornis failure at root only protests

Published on August 18, 2022

Red pencil error made by Marco Liorni during the episode of chain reaction aired Thursday 18 August. The handler’s slip came during the slot de The successful agreement while the champions Aurora, Daniela and Irene, i.e. the trio, faced each other pizzas in pieces, and the challengers, i.e. the trio the chiringuit, It was the first to win, but not without being “stopped” by Liorni, who stripped them of definition. The episode caused a lot of discussion online, with several viewers flocking to social media and pointing fingers at the presenter for two reasons: because he ran into a blatant faux pas and, according to many, because he used a meter of different judgment compared to other situations.

The component of the Pizze a Pezzi had to guess the word “sixteen”. Her companions, to give her the right information, uttered the following words: “What”, “Comes”, “After”, “Fifteen”. Of course, “Sixteen” is the correct answer. All right? According to Liorni No. “I’m sorry, but fifteen and sixteen have the same root,” incorrectly explained the conductor, believing the answer wrong.

But how? Do fifteen and sixteen have the same root? Obviously not if they have the same suffix. The faux pas was not forgiven by a segment of the public who rushed to the web platforms to underscore the mistake. Not only that: Several have remembered that similar cases in the quiz show occur more often, but are usually not prosecuted. For example, in several situations, the contestants helped each other to guess the name of a weekday of the week with the previous or next one (eg: Monday-Tuesday), but no punishment came. Hence the protest against Liorni, who is perceived by some as being too picky and not always on time.

The fact is that the Pizze a Pezzi still beat the challengers, arriving The last chain with 158 thousand euros. Too bad they made countless mistakes to come The last word with a meager haul of €1,235,000 further halved due to the request for the third element. This is the final situation: “Gambae – Ca … ..e – Fusto”. The trio guessed “Capable”. Correct answer and prize money of 618 euros pocketed.