RESPONSE from Jorge Salinas to alleged DISFAITSHIP to Elizabeth Alvarez

RESPONSE from Jorge Salinas to alleged DISFAITSHIP to Elizabeth Álvarez with her nutritionist | VIDEO Earth

After Jorg Salinas outside Televisa facilities was caught kissing another woman who was not his wife, national media have gone after the actor, who has already given his reaction Before the target infidelity a Elizabeth Alvarez with his nutritionist and that was unfortunately registered Video.

Jorg Salinas He hasn’t had a very good time the past few days and it so happens that paparazzi caught him very affectionately with his alleged nutritionistwho, despite claiming that their relationship is only a professional one, accepted that she was kissed that day, a situation that put the soap opera heartthrob on the ropes as it needs to be reminded that he’s married Elizabeth Alvarez.

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This is how Jorge Salinas reacted with his nutritionist to the alleged infidelity to Elizabeth Álvarez

The media is very aware of the situation Jorg Salinas who has reacted indifferent as the press was waiting for him in front of the Televisa facilities, who is filming scenes from the soap opera Forgive Us Our Sins and who fled his BMW without even stopping to greet the journalists. Except that he wore a mask to remain even more unnoticed.

Just by giving the security staff your name, it was Jorg Salina He left the shot without commenting to the media. reaction there was a lot to talk about and everything seems to indicate that the act doesn’t want to talk about it target infidelity what did he do with his nutritionist and that was recorded Video.

Meanwhile, the wife of Elizabeth Alvarez, Nor has he made any statement about the alleged infidelity committed by Jorg Salinas with his nutritionistAlthough rumors are strong, the actress ran from her home to the soap opera lover after hearing the news where the celebrity was caught kissing another woman who wasn’t her. However, it was just speculation as none of them spoke about it.