Rescued Dog Loves Having Her Paw Held While Nursing Her Puppies

Rescued Dog Loves Having Her Paw Held While Nursing Her Puppies

Puppy mom Kerry was found hiding under a car. The person who found her was moved to see her in this situation. And he was even more touched when he found out she was pregnant. Without delay, he rescued her and brought her to Hearts & Bones Rescue in Texas, USA.

There, the volunteers assured the man that the bitch and her puppies would be very well supported. And it wasn’t long before mom gave birth in the comfort of the shelter. The puppies were born healthy and the bitch proved to be an attentive and caring mother.

The little dog Mama Kerry. The little dog Mama Kerry. (Photo: Katherine Hieber)

“Kerry is incredibly resilient and seemed happy to have a safe place to look after her pups,” Hearts & Bones Rescue’s Katherine Hieber told The Dodo.

The pet, which has long wandered the streets alone, loves to be pampered by its rescuers. Receiving affection is with yourself! And also offer! She loves to lick those who show her affection.

“She’s extremely affectionate, so if you’re around she’ll let you know how much she loves being around you with a kiss or a pawshake,” Hieber said.

One of the mongrel's puppies. One of the mongrel’s puppies. (Photo: Katherine Hieber)

With so much affection, she doesn’t forget her puppies! Despite being a dutiful mother, she doesn’t mind receiving outside help. Actually, any help is welcome. She loves having her paw held while nursing.

“Kerry is very confident and hasn’t been overly protective. She lets us watch her puppies so we can weigh them and make sure they all grow up healthy.”

The mongrel loves having his paw held while nursing. The mongrel loves having his paw held while nursing. (Photo: Katherine Hieber)

And that confidence is because she knows the people who are there want her well. That’s why they don’t mind if volunteers handle the chicks. However, they cannot stay away from her for long as she is scared and crazy to see them.

“It’s clear that she genuinely loves her puppies and just wants to be around them,” Hieber said.

Watch mom receive affection as she nurses her puppies.

The family is currently in foster care. But once they are fit, they will be put up for adoption.

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