Republicans Order Shots Against Democrats

Republicans Order Shots Against Democrats

After his defeat in the New Mexico general election, Solomon Peña spoke of “electoral fraud” and is now suspected of having organized an attack on his opponents.

In the US state of New Mexico, a defeated Republican congressional candidate reportedly ordered an armed attack on Democratic politicians. Albuquerque Police Chief Solomon Pena is accused of “paying to shoot” four men in the homes of four Democratic politicians on Twitter on Monday.

Peña was therefore convinced that he had lost to voter fraud in the New Mexico state election last November. He then announced an examination of its “possibilities”.

Peña assumed electoral manipulation

According to television channel CBS, the republican was detained by special forces in his apartment and is in police custody. Peña is said to have orchestrated the gun attacks on the homes of two members of the New Mexico legislature and two county officials. No one was injured in the attacks between December 4 and January 3. However, three bullets went through the bedroom window of Democratic Senator Linda Lopez’s daughter.

According to police spokesman Gilbert Gallegos, Peña was convinced he only lost the November 2022 election because of fraud. “He complained about the election, which he felt was rigged,” the spokesman told NBC News. Albuquerque police said they look forward to pressing charges against other men who allegedly carried out the gun attacks for money.