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Reports: Blockade ordered for Pyongyang

North Korean health authorities have imposed a multi-day lockdown on the capital Pyongyang due to an increase in “respiratory illnesses”, according to observers and the local Russian embassy. A special “anti-epidemic regime” will apply from today until Sunday, Moscow’s embassy in Pyongyang said.

Covid-19 is not officially mentioned as a reason

This “anti-epidemic regimen” can be extended for three days. It is currently unclear whether the order was placed due to a new CoV outbreak in the isolated country. There was talk of cases of the flu and other respiratory illnesses in the city because of the low outside temperatures.

Correspondents for NK News in South Korea also reported on Twitter about the five-day lockdown. North Korean officials have not yet spoken about Covid-19, he said.

According to the Russian representation, foreign embassies must reduce all external contacts. If possible, diplomats should leave the embassy and their homes as little as possible.

For a long time after the start of the pandemic, North Korea was still one of the few countries that had not reported a single case of infection.