Tiago Scheuer opens relationship with moderator and evidence with video: “I believe in love”  ​​

Tiago Scheuer opens relationship with moderator and evidence with video: “I believe in love” ​​

Tiago Scheuer, also known as Xóia, found success on the channel’s small screen. The famous recently used the date with Thiago Oliveira, the broadcaster’s moderator.

The reason: the presenter of É de Casa was 38 years old and celebrated with friends. That’s why Tiago Scheuer showed videos with Thiago Oliveira and praised his affection for Globo.

“Congratulations,” commented the reporter, who put on a heart and a celebration emoji. Apart from that, he made a video of his friend while playing drums with Projota music. In the footage, the presenter sings I Believe In Love. “It’s a Nirvana record from 20 years ago. You don’t want five minutes in your back seat,” the lyrics read.

This is how Globo presenters opened up the friendship relationship they maintain behind the cameras, which few people know. “O rei do Cajón,” Xóia joked about his friend’s musical “presentation.”

Climate on the globe

The station’s wellknown artist, Deborah Secco, has become one of the most discussed topics on social media in the past week. That’s because the Carioca channel contractor caused such an uproar during the Serginho Groismancommanded Altas Horas that aired last Saturday (13) when she was caught looking desperately at Wanessa on Globo.

After all the confusion online, the interpreter took to social networks to explain herself about the video allegedly disparaging Zezé’s daughter. After participating in Altas Horas, the public began to speculate that she would have gone “rancid” from the singer because of her relationship with Dado.

That’s because Deborah Secco dated Dado in the 2000s until she was traded for Wanessa. But in a post on Instagram, the Globo actress clarified that she doesn’t have a problem with the singer, while also stressing that the story wasn’t quite what the public said.

“Guys, I saw yesterday that I made an awesome meme. But there are people who talk so much nonsense about this meme that I absolutely came here to explain. Wanessa was there, Goddess, singing and I saw the camera do a 360 degree rotation on her. I saw the thread was on the ground, Wanessa walked backwards and almost hooked her foot on the thread,” the actress explained.