Reporter explains why he left TV   : ‘He was disrespectful to me’

Reporter explains why he left TV : ‘He was disrespectful to me’

Reporter Lizandra Trindade, who recently resigned from TV Globo, explained that she made the decision to leave the channel’s staff after 19 years because she felt she was “disrespectful” to herself.

Through his LinkedIn profile, Trindade, who was part of the company’s team of sportswriters, emphasized that he left Globo “because he wanted to.” The communicator showed no regrets with her former employer, after all, the station was responsible for her training as a “skilled worker”.

“I have worked for almost two decades in the largest communications company in the country, with the best technical resources and the most qualified professionals that the market could offer me. I made lifelong friends, interviewed relevant people, went to the World Cup and the Olympics, presented newspapers, I was successful in the dream of the 8yearold girl who later wanted to be a journalist. And it was hard for me to leave because this girl follows me and is not used to giving up. he wrote.

However, Lizandra Trindade stressed that her experience “wasn’t a dream anymore in the end” because “no one gives up on a relationship that long if it’s more good than bad”.

“My history at Globo has an ultramegahyper positive record. But not the last few years. Coming to work without the usual joy was disrespectful for me,” he emphasized.

“I needed time to accept the break, to understand that renewal doesn’t mean giving up. On the contrary, giving up what wasn’t good didn’t mean giving up on myself. A company was at the center of my professional life. Today I am I am here. All of my productive abilities and an overriding sense of selfcare. I overcame fear. And I assure you: You have courage in the happiness formula. The only person in the corporate world who prioritizes making you happy is yourself,” he added.

Lizandra Trindade was part of Grupo Globo’s professional team in Rio de Janeiro. She even hosted a show on SporTV at the company. The reporter asked to leave the channel in June.