Report: Steelers “Very Intrigued” by Jimmy Garopolo

Report: Steelers “Very Intrigued” by Jimmy Garopolo

This is Combine’s season, so reporting at this time of year should be distrusted, but Jordan Schultz’s tweet port shows that the Pittsburgh Steelers are in Jimmy Garopolo’s lottery. Here is what Schultz tweeted a while ago.

His tweet shows that the Steelers, along with the Washington commanders, are two teams interested in trading for Garopolo (whose name Schultz spells incorrectly in the tweet). Rumors of Steelers / Garoppolo have been circulating for weeks, with an author of 49ers’ Beat predicting he will be in Pittsburgh by the end of February.

This, of course, did not happen, but a report by Adam Schefter earlier Tuesday noted that Garopolo must undergo shoulder surgery, which will remove him by the summer. Although Schaeffer says it has no effect on his trading market, it could slow the pace of Garoppolo’s pace.

It is unclear what the 49ers would charge for it. Garopolo himself seems to have understood that he will be exchanged during this off-season, as Trey Lance, elected in the first round of 2021, replaced him.

Last season, Garopolo made it 9-6 as a starter, making 68% of his passes for more than 3,800 yards, 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Trading for him will also require taking on his tough contract.

The NFL may be on hold while waiting for the quarterback’s big names to fall. Aaron Rodgers has not decided whether to stay in Green Bay, retire or request a change. Russell Wilson’s situation with Seattle is also uncertain. Pittsburgh certainly seems destined to add a quarterback before the April draft. Now it’s just a question of who this person will be.