Renata Lo Prete sits on Bolsonaro and opens up on

Renata Lo Prete sits on Bolsonaro and opens up on Bolsonaro’s impressive plan on

Renata LoPreteRenata Lo Prete analyzed Bolsonaro’s statement (Image: Reproduction Globo / Montage RD1)

Renata LoPrete once again caught the attention of viewers with a very direct message to the incumbent President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (PL). In the Globo newspaperthis Tuesday (1), the moderator commented on the politician’s quick announcement of the election result.

At the beginning of his speech, the President thanked him for his votes and said he would continue to respect the Constitution. Bolsonaro then went to the Federal Court of Justice (STF), where he confirmed that he accepted defeat.

In the news, the presenter made a scathing analysis of the former reelection candidate’s behavior over his defeat in this year’s election.

Renata Lo Prete stressed that Bolsonaro only decided to speak because there was no other alternative for him. “In the two days that have passed since the election defeat, he has seen all the political support he could have had within the government evaporate at the head of the armed forces to continue to resist,” commented he.

“His untimely references to Supreme Court ministers point to concern for the near future, given that Bolsonaro will be without a privileged forum in January for the first time in almost 30 years,” the journalist added.

Renata Lo Prete is driving the internet crazy

The Globo journalist’s comment generated many memes on social networks. Her video went viral on Twitter and the tag “RIP BOLSONARO” became one of the most talked about topics on the platform.

One person wrote that the politician must be desperate because after almost 30 years he will not have a privileged forum. Another praised Renata Lo Prete’s attitude to expressing her opinion on the matter.

Renata Lo Prete never tires of being wonderful.

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