1673773297 Renata Lo Prete goes live to correct JNs mistake regarding

Renata Lo Prete goes live to correct JN’s mistake regarding Bolsonaro

Renata Lo Prete went live on TV Globo during the break in Travessia
Reproduction/TV Globo Douglas Lima Specially for Uai

01/14/2023 00:21

Journalist Renata Lo Prete made an unplanned entry on TV Globo’s nightly schedule today (13/01) during the commercial for the nine o’clock soap opera Travessia this Friday (13/01) to supplement and correct information found minutes earlier in the National Journal had been given.

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The communicator pointed out that, contrary to previous reports, Minister Alexandre de Moraes of the Federal Court of Justice (STF) had included former President of the Republic Jair Messias Bolsonaro (PL) in the investigation for instigating the acts of Brasília. where Bolsonarist demonstrators marched into Praça dos Três Poderes against the diplomacy of Presidentelect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

“We are correcting information that was just given by Jornal Nacional at the end. The correct information is that the Prime Minister, Alexandre de Moraes, granted the Attorney General’s request and included in the investigation former President Jair Bolsonaro, who is suspected of intellectual authorship and incitement to last Sunday’s terrorist attacks in Brasilia the moderator of Jornal da Globo.

In the sequence, Lo Prete called up a connection to reporter Cláudia Bomtempo, who provided more information about the request from the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), which Moraes accepted, straight from the Brazilian capital.

“The correct information is that Minister Alexandre de Morais, responding to a request from the PGR, has decided that Bolsonaro will be included in a judicial investigation for his involvement in the crime,” he repeated.

“Bolsonaro is being investigated as part of an investigation ordered by the Attorney General’s Office into the instigators and intellectual authors of the January 8 antidemocracy files,” he said.

“In the document, the Attorney General’s Office requested the inclusion of Bolsonaro as an investigator in one of the seven investigations presented to the court investigating last Sunday’s acts, representing 79 prosecutors,” highlighted.

Cláudia explained that, first of all, the publication of Jair Bolsonaro on Facebook with fake news after the result of the presidential elections, in which Lula won the second round with 50.8% of the valid votes, will be analyzed. In the post, the former president claims he is the winner.

“Prosecutors believe there is a connection between what was reported by Bolsonaro and what is being investigated in the instigators’ investigation,” he concluded.

The Error of the Journal

Moderator Renata Vasconcellos reported on JN that Alexandre de Moraes had already commented on the PGR’s request to include Bolsonaro in the investigations into antidemocratic acts that took place last Sunday (01.08). Cláudia even read out part of the STF minister’s decision, also stating that a possible interrogation of the former head of state would come at an opportune time.

However, the owner of the country’s mostwatched news program was confused on his way back to the studio, saying: “The minister has not yet decided on the involvement of the former president in the investigation that will solve the terrorist attacks on Sunday, is it?”. The reporter agreed. “That’s correct”.