Released three times despite the “unacceptable” risk he poses

Released three times despite the “unacceptable” risk he poses

Despite posing an unacceptable risk to society, fake millionaire and repeat scammer Serge Rivard has been released from prison three times in the past year and a half, which would have allowed him to deceive several women seduced online.

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Our Bureau of Investigation revealed last week that Serge Rivard, who presented himself under several false names, may have extorted thousands of dollars from several women met on the Badoo website. As a wealthy heir and owner of international companies, he would have promised them money, travel, houses and a life of luxury.

However, according to Parole Board of Canada (PBC) documents, Serge Rivard was free under supervision and subject to several conditions as to when he would have conducted these meetings.

Already convicted of fraud on several occasions, Serge Rivard received a new three-year prison sentence in 2019, partly for cheating on two women he met on social networks.

In June 2020, the commission refused to grant him parole for one day or full parole because the risk of recidivism was deemed “unacceptable”.

Under conditions

However, the scammer was able to benefit from an initial auto-release in May 2021 under a variety of conditions, including not having accounts on dating sites.

Barely three months after leaving prison, Serge Rivard went on the run. If released illegally, he would have dated Caroline Cloutier for four months, a woman who claims to have found herself on the streets after meeting the perpetrator on Badoo.

Rivard was returned to prison authorities in December 2021 after 119 days on the run.

Behind bars, he wanted to know whether a complaint had been filed against him or whether the police were trying to contact him, the commission wrote in a decision issued in March.

Confronted by his interveners with the possibility that he had made new victims, Serge Rivard would have replied: “I swear to you that I have not committed another crime, but you never know”, we can read in the same document.

still free

Still convinced that he posed an unacceptable risk to society, the board revoked the release of the perpetrator, which was required by law. But Serge Rivard was still able to get out of prison.

“Despite this revocation decision, the provisions of the Prison and Release Act require you to be released under supervision on the appointed date and remain so until the legal basis of your sentence has expired,” the commissioners wrote.

Serge Rivard was released in June 2022. According to a court document, he is said to have cheated on at least two women and the son of one of them in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu between July and September 2022.

Unmanageable risk

Caroline Cloutier and Serge Rivard

Photos courtesy of the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Police Department

The smooth speaker, who would have disrespected his conditions outside the walls and lied to his speakers, was put back behind bars in September 2022.

Since the risk of recidivism was “no longer manageable”, the commission again revoked Serge Rivard’s release. However, as required by law, the scammer had to be released under supervision.

Serge Rivard therefore left the correctional facility for the third time in October 2022. Despite not being allowed on dating sites, he would have met at least two women on Badoo. Daniela Leoni and Cynthia (fictional name) claim to have been fooled by his beautiful words and lost thousands of dollars last fall.

Serge Rivard was finally arrested in Montreal on December 21 to face five charges related to the alleged events in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Incarcerated, he awaits his release investigations.

The three women who have confided in our Bureau of Investigation – Caroline Cloutier, Daniela Leoni and Cynthia – have filed complaints with the police.

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  • May 2019 Serge Rivard is sentenced to three years in prison for, among other things, cheating on two women he met online. He had introduced himself to them under a false identity, claiming to be rich and terminally ill.
  • June 2020 The board refuses to grant him a day or full probation, calling the risk of recidivism “unacceptable.”
  • May 2021 Serge Rivard benefits from a first publication automatically, under various conditions, including not visiting dating sites.
  • Aug 2021 Serge Rivard escapes illegally.
  • August – November 2021 Going by the alias Charles Danny Quintal, the con artist meets Caroline Cloutier on Badoo, who claims to have lost everything and finds herself on the streets after dating him.
  • December 2021 After 119 days on the run, Rivard was caught by the authorities and taken back to prison.
  • June 2022 Serge Rivard leave prison againunder supervision and with conditions to be observed.
  • July – September 2022 Serge Rivard is said to have cheated on two women he met online and the son of one of them in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.
  • Sep 2022 Rivard is behind bars again for breaking his terms and lying to his agents.
  • October 2022 Serge Rivard released from prison for the third time, under supervision and with conditions. He introduces himself as Danny Gauthier and meets up for a few weeks with Daniela Leoni, who would have lost thousands of dollars in this mishap.
  • November – December 2022 Under the assumed name of Adam Quintal, the impostor meets Cynthia (invented name) on Badoo. She claims he extorted about $3,000 from her.
  • December 21, 2022 Serge Rivard is arrested in Montreal and charged with fraud and theft in connection with the events alleged to have taken place in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

What the parole board said in October 2022

“Your lack of transparency, the resumption of your fraudulent activities, your breach of the specific conditions of your statutory dismissal, your vague and incomplete exit plan and your high risk of recidivism lead the Board to conclude that for the time being your risk of recurrence is no longer manageable. »

The Board has decided to reverse your dismissal as they have concluded that the unacceptable risk to society that you pose is not beyond your control. »

Your numerous violations, listed under community oversight, are a testament to your low credibility and disrespect for your legal obligations. »

You have continued to lie with ease in all areas of your life and all indications are that you have remained involved in your criminal dynamic. »

A sense of responsibility and motivation are rated as low, as is your potential for reintegration. »

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