Relations between Russia and the West have changed, says Lavrov

Relations between Russia and the West have changed, says Lavrov

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Moscow (Prensa Latina) Relations between Russia and the West will change from now on, while Moscow will not allow lies when signing international documents, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov summed up the results of the Eurasian country’s diplomacy in 2022 together .

The head of Russian diplomacy recalled that the cases of Western lies when signing documents “with the statement of the Russia-NATO Council and that of Istanbul, issued by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE. ) .

The most serious case for Lavrov occurred with the February 2014 agreement to resolve the Ukraine crisis, guaranteed by Germany, France and Poland and approved by the UN Security Council.

The West signed them because they knew they wouldn’t even use them, they just lied to our faces by signing these solemn commitments at the presidential and prime ministerial level, which is why we stopped taking their word for it take, he explained.

This criterion does not only come from Moscow, we are now being told it on every corner, and the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg has confirmed it.


Taking stock of 2022, when the conflict in Ukraine focused most of Russia’s diplomatic efforts, the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation recalled that Kyiv is proposing absurd peace initiatives to settle the dispute.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy presented a 10-point plan with everything possible: food security, energy security, biological security, withdrawal of Russian troops from everywhere, remorse from the Russian Federation, court, conviction, the Chancellor listed.

In this context, Lavrov emphasized that negotiations with Zelenskyy were out of the question “simply because he has legally banned negotiations with the Russian government”.

The Kiev initiative implies guarantees of nuclear, food and energy security, an all-for-all exchange of “prisoners” and the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

The foreign minister added that Kyiv is striving to create an international mechanism to compensate Ukraine for losses from hostilities at the expense of Russian assets.

“Regardless of what Zelenskyy says, it is the West that chooses Ukraine since Kyiv was banned from reaching an agreement with Russia at the end of March. You decide and did it for Ukraine without Ukraine,” said the head of Russian diplomacy.

Lavrov reminded that Western officials have since said that it is too early to start negotiations as they have pledged to give Ukraine more weapons so that it can start negotiations from a stronger position, the foreign minister said.

He also specified that Russia is ready to respond to any serious Western proposal to resolve the situation, but so far there has been none.


The United States and its satellites have been preparing for the start of a “hybrid global war against the Russian Federation” for many years, although they deny it, the strong support for Ukraine clearly shows that they have invested “a lot” in the conflict , said Lavrov.

One day this war will end and Russia will continue to defend its truth, although it is difficult to imagine how it will live on from now on since everything will depend on the conclusions Europe draws, the headline read.

If they deny and try to prove that they are not at war with Russia, that they are only helping Ukraine to cope with aggression and restore its territorial integrity, they are lying, Lavrov noted.

The head of Russia’s foreign policy also called Croatian President Zoran Milanovic’s statement that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was waging a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine honest and open.

An honest conversation is necessary and Moscow believes that at this stage it does not need to take any initiative in the areas that the West itself has closed, including the banned interaction in the Council of Europe, the senior official said.

Moreover, Lavrov said that the West is not saying anything new in its sporadic contacts with Russia and there is no point in only talking about Ukraine while they are only using this nation to destroy the security system that has existed in the euro for many years -Atlantic region.


Western nations are trying to blame the cause of all the ills in the world economy as a result of the conflict, the Russian foreign minister said.

But statistics from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and other international organizations suggest the crisis began well before Russia’s special military operation, he added.

Lavrov said that the United States and Europe are trying to avoid creating new centers of economic growth and that their neo-colonial methods are “used only to plunder the rest of the world under new conditions.”


US efforts are insufficient to contain neither Russia nor China, so they need a “full mobilization of the western camp, and this confirms that they are running out of power to counter the objective historical trend of a multipolar world,” Lavrov said.

Beijing knows the “Western tenet that it will be Russia first, then China; You know this is no joke,” he said.


Russia will develop forms of interaction with friendly countries that the West cannot influence, and centers of economic growth will undoubtedly appear, Lavrov noted.

“We will work with our reliable partners and friendly countries to build forms of cooperation that will benefit us and will not be influenced by those who want to conquer the world,” Lavrov summed up.

The minister noted that relations with Latin America are growing and a mechanism has been created at ministerial level to coordinate actions between Russia and the Commonwealth of Latin American and Caribbean States, he noted.

He also reiterated Russia’s interest in mutually beneficial cooperation throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly with traditionally friendly nations such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, as well as strengthening unity in the region.

Russia has partners in all parts of the world with whom it is developing relations, with which it is building such forms of mutually beneficial interaction, he stressed.

Finally, Lavrov stressed Russia’s ties with African nations and acknowledged the fact that Georgia, and not any Arab country, will join sanctions against Russia, despite “arrogant and self-degrading pressure” from the West.

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