rejuvenated Theyre recording Luis Miguel in an upscale mall in

rejuvenated! They’re recording Luis Miguel in an upscale mall in Miami, what did he buy? VIDEO Herald USA

After four months of not appearing in public, the singer gave up Luis Miguel He was spotted at an upscale mall in Miami, Florida with a more youthful appearance and all alone, drawing the attention of paparazzi and fans alike.

The cameras on the show “El Gordo y la Flaca” captured the interpreter of “La Bikina” and “Until you forget me” as he bought nothing short of a perfume, and it’s well known that “El Sol” likes to smell nice.

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You can see in the clip louisi Dressed simply, with a white shirt and shorts. He had his usual hairdo, albeit a bit disheveled, and walked calmly through a department store, arranging himself in every mirror he found.

The images show that the performer of “Below the Table” asks the location’s staff for perfumes to try on themselves and he smells them from his hand or straight from the bottle.

Despite being recommended a few, Luis Miguel wasn’t that convinced, so he kept looking for one he liked.

According to the show, “El Sol” thought long and hard about what to wear and finally settled on one priced at around $250 (about 5,000 Mexican pesos), but didn’t reveal the name of the fragrance. . .

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What drew the attention of all this is this Luis Miguel She looked radiant and with a very youthful appearance, moreover it can be seen that she has lost weight. It was also surprising that the “La Incondicional” singer didn’t have a bodyguard, recalling that he was always characterized by having an army behind him to look after him.

Fans of the 52-year-old singer immediately applauded the performance and showered the social media with their flattering comments.

“He looks beautiful like he used to!”, “Well, the convict looks good”, “He looks very young”, “You become more beautiful every day”, “I know that it is not right that they take you without filming your approval but it’s good to see you so beautiful and in good health Luis Miguel. We miss you very much”, “The sun came out and shone brighter than ever. Lovely”; are some of the comments.

He was last seen at a luxury car agency, where he agreed to take a picture with one of the employees.

It is not yet known if the music star plans to return to the stage, but congratulations on his good condition.