Regional elections in Italy the reasons for the triumph of

Regional elections in Italy: the reasons for the triumph of post fascist Giogia Meloni

The right-wing prime minister’s coalition won in Italy’s most populous regions of Lombardy and Lazio.

Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing government passed its first test of endurance: on Sunday and Monday, the Italian prime minister’s party won two important regional elections. These were the first elections since right-wing nationalist Meloni was elected prime minister in late September.

Satisfaction seems high: the right-wing coalition led by Melonis received 54.7% of the vote in Lombardy, in northern Italy, and 53.5% in Lazio, leaving the largest opposition alliance around 20 percentage points behind. “The government emerges stronger from the election,” said Meloni with satisfaction. Indeed, because the results reflect a national sentiment: Lazio and Lombardy are the most populous regions in Italy, in which Rome and Milan, the two largest cities, are located.