Regina Duarte says relatives avoid meeting her  01/18/2023  Celebrities

Regina Duarte says relatives avoid meeting her 01/18/2023 Celebrities

Rio de Janeiro

Regina Duarte, 75, woke up early this Wednesday (18) to celebrate the twoyear anniversary of her granddaughter Isabel, daughter of TV director João Gomez and actress Talita Younan. João is the youngest of Jair Bolsonaro’s former Minister of Culture, who published a photo on the networks in which he appears with a hat typical of children’s parties and revealed that the celebration would represent a small part of the family.

“Echoes of a happy day: Isabel completes two years of life this month, surrounded by friends and their families, her greatgrandmother, her greatgrandfather, her 2 grandmothers, her godmothers, her brothers, father, mother … and the entire family tree present, and the absent one too ‘ the actress began, hinting that some relatives had recently moved away from her.

She then continued, “In this harsh life, nothing lasts forever, not even the toughest stones. Did I forget a detail?” she wrote. Regina Duarte’s fans immediately got the message from the actress, calling her distancing herself from family members who allegedly don’t accept her political position a “liberation.”

“Thank God Regina! Such relatives are liberations when they are not there,” commented one follower. “Better alone than badly accompanied,” advised another netizen, and the third added, “Being alone doesn’t always mean loneliness.”

She then released a new message lamenting the outcome of the polls in the last election in 2022, something she has done frequently since Bolsonaro’s defeat by Lula in the last election. In addition to family members, Regina knows that she has also become persona non grata for some colleagues who publicly criticize her. Recently, Gabriela Duarte, the actress’ daughter, condemned the acts of vandalism that took place in Brasilia on January 8, while Regina defended the former president.