Regina Duarte says Lulas track is fake and makes fun

Regina Duarte says Lula’s track is fake and makes fun of an actress: ‘shocked’

In a post on Instagram, actress Regina Duarte former culture minister in Jair Bolsonaro’s government reproduced fake news spread by farright profiles.

Dissatisfied with the post, which had more than 104,000 likes, actress Elisa Lucinda took to her colleague’s profile to say that “the class [artística] is shocked by you, Regina”.

Stop being undemocratic, you have grandchildren (…) You wrote a beautiful story and you manage to erase it. Accept the election result. Or stop saying the word democracy.”
Elisa Lucinda, actress

One of the profiles spreading the fake news said that Lula got the banner “in the ‘lujinha’ of carnival costumes”: “Worst possession I’ve ever seen in my life”.

Is there more than one track?

Yes. The presidential sash received by Lula yesterday was the same one worn by Dilma Rousseff (PT) in 2015. The one worn by Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in 2019 was made at Lula’s request when he first occupied the Planalto.