Regina Duarte says its unfair to forget what Bolsonaro did

Regina Duarte says it’s ‘unfair’ to forget what Bolsonaro did for Brazil

Actress Regina Duarte, 75, showed solidarity with exPresident Jair Bolsonaro (PL), for whom she was Minister of Culture, after the end of her term in office.

Duarte referred to Bolsonaro as if he were still president, saying on his Instagram profile that it would be “unfair” to forget the things the former president has done for the country in his four years in power.

“You cannot, for the sake of justice, forget everything that President Bolsonaro has done for Brazil and Brazilians,” he wrote.

cultural secretary. In 2020, Regina Duarte ended her longterm contract with TV Globo to take over as cultural secretariat of the Bolsonaro government.

The actress took over the post in March 2020 and as soon as her departure to the secretariat, she was fired in May of the same year. At the time, Regina suffered a felony and was replaced by actor Mário Frias he was elected federal deputy for São Paulo last year.

Jair Bolsonaro promised at the time that Regina Duarte would take over the management of the Cinemateca Brasileira based in São Paulo, which did not happen.

Despite this, the artist remained loyal to Bolsonaro and Bolsonarianism, with repeated criticism and attacks on President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Can Bolsonaro be arrested? Yesterday, during his inaugural speech at the Planalto Palace, Lula heard from his supporters that he should not grant Jair Bolsonaro an amnesty, meaning he should not forgive crimes committed during his tenure.

Former President Michel Temer and former STF Minister Marco Aurélio Mello advocate granting an amnesty to Bolsonaro to “pacify Brazil”.

Now out of political office for the first time in more than 30 years, Bolsonaro is not entitled to a privileged forum and can be tried as an ordinary citizen. The PSOL bench in the Chamber of Deputies will petition the STF demanding the preventive arrest of Jair, who has decided to leave Brazil in a hurry and travel to the United States before the end of his government.

What crimes are attributed to Bolsonaro?