Regina Duarte publishes fake news about Lulas banners and Elisa

Regina Duarte publishes fake news about Lula’s banners, and Elisa Lucinda calls them antidemocratic

Actress and poet Elisa Lucinda countered a contribution by Regina Duarte and called on the former Minister of Culture in Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) government to stop being “antidemocratic” and to accept the election result. She also explained that the artistic class was “shocked” by the former Global’s comments.

On Sunday (1st), following the inauguration of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), Regina shared fake news on Instagram, saying that the presidential sash used by the PT candidate was fake. The post contains a montage of photos of Lula and Bolsonaro.

“Even the banner is a scam! Alexandre de Moraes [ministro do Supremo Tribunal Federal e presidente do Tribunal Superior Eleitoral] provides fake banner for thief to pose as President!” Regina says in the publication.

In the comments, Lucinda urged the actress to respect the presidentelect. “Stop being undemocratic. You have grandchildren. Don’t teach them not to respect the President of the Republic,” he wrote in the Post.

He continued: “You should have opposed the erasure of our ministry [da Cultura]. The class is shocked by you, Regina. A beautiful story you wrote and it is against deletion. Accept the election result or stop saying the word democracy”.

None of the information that Regina shares on social networks is true.

There is more than one version of the sash, and Moraes did not attend the ceremony — Lula received the presidential sash of the “Brazilian people,” symbolized by the figures of a child, an indigenous man, a black man, a woman, a worker, and a person with a disability.

Elisa Lucinda’s comment has more than 3,000 likes the former culture minister’s post has more than 100,000 likes, including that of Bolsonarist federal deputy Bia Kicis (PLDF).

The publication also includes an excerpt from an interview with Federal MP Eduardo Bolsonaro (PLSP). “If Lula wins, we suffer four years, but then we come back,” he says in Spanish. Then the video brings together images of Bolsonaro with former US President Donald Trump.

The actress was one of the main supporters of Bolsonaro’s reelection campaign and published several publications in support of the now expresident.

Regina Duarte left the Jair Bolsonaro government after an intense feud and on a promise to head the Cinemateca Brasileira which didn’t happen.

The actress had broken a 50year contract with TV Globo to take over the special secretariat for culture, where she only stayed for two months. Despite being relegated to the “fridge” by the Bolsonaro administration, she never stopped speaking out on social media in defense of the president.


The governor of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas (Republican), received guests on Sunday (1st) at his inauguration in the capital São Paulo. Sociologist Marilia Marton, who will head the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Industries of São Paulo, and the Capital’s Municipal Secretary of Culture, Aline Torres, attended the event, which took place in Alesp. Confederate Guilherme Derrite (PLSP), known as Captain Derrite, elected to the Public Safety Secretariat, was there.


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