Regina Case sees villain as Bolsonaro supporter

Regina Casé sees villain as Bolsonaro supporter

Regina Casé has already revealed in interviews that Zoé, villain from “All Flowers” (Globoplay), is the most difficult character of her entire career. The actress, in an interview with this column by syringes Just before the second ballot, he thought about who the bad woman would vote for and, based on her lifestyle, believes she would have been a Bolsonaro supporter.

“I shot it in a building that’s theoretically hers, I looked at the place from the outside and it seems that way [seria eleitora de Bolsonaro]. Also for the place Barra da Tijuca [local que concentra apoiadores do político]. I thought about it. But she also comes from a very humble background, a person from the people, from the street, which can also lead to another side,” he says.

After creating numerous bad characters, Regina said when she first saw herself characterized as Zoé, a wealthy villain, that she thought a woman didn’t exist in real life.

According to her, it hit her exactly during the recording in Barra da Tijuca, in the western zone of Rio:

“The first time I was filmed outside of a company building in Barra, I looked at myself and thought it didn’t exist. Those nails, hair, eyelashes that look like an awning. I got into the elevator and there were four other Zoé. Woman exists, I’m not used to it. And my Zoé was still discreet, she didn’t have the 500ml silicone. My chest is still vintage.

The full actress:

Zoé takes me completely out of my comfort zone. I don’t identify myself. He’s a person I observe almost anthropologically.

In everyday life, the use of the character’s long nails was also an adaptation for Regina Casé:

“Using that nail was crazy. Now I can do a lot of things, I just can’t rinse the pressing ones, he’s holding the finger. Thermos is also a problem sometimes, I can’t.”

almost dropped out

Regina Casé was almost left out in João Emanuel Carneiro's soap opera  Globo  Globo

Regina Casé almost missed the soap opera by João Emanuel Carneiro

Image: Globe

João Emanuel Carneiro always thought Regina Casé was the villain of “All Flowers”, but without the changes in the channel’s programming and the interruptions due to the pandemic, the actress could not have embraced the character.

“He invited me to play Zoé after seeing my first scene in ‘Amor de Mãe’. The scene ended, he cheekily called me, ‘How did you do that soap opera? You never do! you have to do mine I have a very good character.’ But I couldn’t have accepted it because it’s one soap opera glued to the other. Then the pandemic came, a lot happened, and in the end it worked out, “says the actress.

Regina even only agreed to write one more novel on behalf of the author:

João Emanuel seduced me. I was one of thousands of fans of Avenida Brasil. I always wanted to work with him. I didn’t want to do a soap opera, I admit I’m exhausted, but it happened.