Rebagliati to those calling for change in Peru quotDo you

Rebagliati to those calling for change in Peru: "Do you dare put Grimaldo before Carrillo?"

Rebagliati to those calling for change in Peru quotDo you

The Peruvian team is counting down the days until their debut in World Cup 2026 qualifiers. A few days after Juan Reynoso announced the squad list, fans are wishing for players like that Piero Quispa j João Grimaldowho have excelled in the first division are called up and even nominated as regular players. The Commentator Diego Rebagliati He was responding to those who are calling for changes when there are footballers with more international contacts.

“People have the feeling that the newcomers have to play. Would any of you dare to put Grimaldo, who hasn’t won a single cap, before Carrillo, who has 100 caps, or Quispe, before ‘Canchita’, which has 80 more?” Al Ángulo”.

On the other hand, the ex-footballer expressed his concern about the possible consequences of the changes, stressing that there are no arguments to take such a risk.

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“I don’t see that part very clearly. It’s not about giving people ‘ball’ just because, it’s because.” One possibility would be that we end up losing points. There is a feeling that a change is needed, but this change is not supported from below,” he concluded.

When will Juan Reynoso announce squad list?

Juan Reynoso will hold a press conference this Friday, August 25, in which he will present the squad for the games against Brazil and Paraguay in the opener of the South American qualifiers.

When will the Peru team debut in qualifiers?

laPeruvian teamwill play against Paraguay on the first day of the South America qualifiers. This duel is scheduled for Thursday September 7th from 17:30 (Peruvian time) in Ciudad del Este.