Real Madrid vs. Frankfurt clash TODAY at the European Super Cup 2022 LIVE

Real Madrid vs. Frankfurt clash TODAY at the European Super Cup 2022 LIVE

Real Madrid vs Frankfurt clash TODAY at the European Super

TODAY Real Madrid vs. Frankfurt plays LIVE and DIREKT | Both clubs will star in a great match for the 2022 European Super Cup this Wednesday, August 10th shown LIVE STREAMING ESPN for all of South America. It will also be accessible through the streaming application Star Plus, FOX Sports, HBO Max, TNT Sports, TUDN and Univisión.

You can also follow all the incidents up to the minute on the La República Deportes website, where you will not only find the preview of the Supercup final, but also everything related to this game, such as: B. the confirmed lineups , and where and on which channel you can follow him.

Real Madrid vs. Frankfurt: match report

BrokenReal Madrid versus Frankfurt
when do they playWednesday, 10.8
Where?Olympics in Helsinki
What’s the time?2 p.m
On which channel?ESPN, Star Plus, FOX Sports, HBO Max, TNT Sports, TUDN, Univision

When and when do Real Madrid vs. Frankfurt play?

The final of the 2022 European Super Cup, between Real Madrid versus Frankfurt, will take place this Wednesday, August 10th from 2:00 p.m. (Peruvian time). Check the programming for your country here.

  • Mexico: 2 p.m
  • Peru: 2 p.m
  • Ecuador: 2 p.m
  • Colombia: 2 p.m
  • Bolivia: 3 p.m
  • Chile: 3 p.m
  • Venezuela: 3 p.m
  • Paradise: 3 p.m
  • Argentina: 4 p.m
  • Uruguay: 4 p.m
  • Brazil: 4 p.m

What did Ancelotti say in the preview?

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s Italy coach, has pledged his side’s maximum effort to fight for the six titles he is aiming for this season, shortly after winning the first European Super Cup against Eintracht, admitting that “it’s a much more complicated challenge” than what was achieved last year with conquering the Champions League, La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup.

“It’s possible. We will fight for all the competitions. I have no doubt, but winning all six is ​​a much more difficult challenge. Try it, we will try. Winning it is very complicated, although the squad is very is good. I have a lot of confidence in all the positions that have improved. We will compete and fight,” he said at a press conference.

Ancelotti argued with his vision of an improved squad following the departure of Marcelo, Isco and Gareth Bale. “We signed two players who improve the physical and technical quality of the team. We have another year of cooperation. It improves the already very good chemistry between veterans and youngsters, which was one of the keys to the team’s success. Rüdiger and Tchouameni ensure quality and appearance,” he explained.

Focused on unity, for ‘Carletto’ the level he offered to win the Europa League and even beat FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou is more of a reference than the harsh defeat he endured the season in the Bundesliga started against a Bayern team – he pointed out – “It has a much bigger budget.”

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What channel do you watch Real Madrid vs Frankfurt on?

The transmission of Real Madrid vs. Frankfurt EN VIVO y EN DIRECTO takes care of the channels ESPN, FOX Sports, TNT Sports, TUDN, Univisión as well as the applications Star Plus and HBO Max. Check the programming for your country here.

  • Argentina: Star Plus, ESPN, Fox Sports
  • Bolivia: Star Plus
  • Brazil: TNT Sports, TNT Go
  • Chile: ESPN, Star Plus
  • Colombia: ESPN, Star Plus
  • Ecuador: ESPN, Star Plus
  • Mexico: TNT Sports, Univision, HBO Max
  • Paraguay: StarPlus
  • Peru: ESPN, Star Plus
  • Spain: Movistar+, Movistar Champions League
  • Uruguay: Star Plus
  • Venezuela: TLT, ESPN, Star Plus.

What did Rafael Santos Borre say?

Colombia striker Rafael Borré said on Tuesday his team Eintracht Frankfurt will have “an opportunity to continue making history” in tomorrow’s European Super Cup against Real Madrid after winning the Europa League last season.

“The confidence gained with the title is important, the way the group has held together. Now we have the opportunity to continue making history, to continue,” said Borré at the Eintracht press conference in Helsinki.

Borré also referred to Eintracht’s Bundesliga debut, in which they conceded a 6-1 win over Bayern, and said it was a good experience as it showed the group what can happen if they don’t compact standing on the field of the game.

“The game against Bayern served us well as an experience because it showed us that if we’re not compact, if we don’t win individual duels, we can have a bad time, and we have a bad time. But the Bundesliga is long and we can justify ourselves. There’s a final tomorrow and it’s just one game,” he said.

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Real Madrid vs Frankfurt via ESPN

  • Peru: 504 SD and 740 HD (Movistar TV, Cable), 483 SD and 884 HD (Movistar Satellite TV), 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 65 SD and 523 HD (Claro TV, Cable), 36 SD and 1711 HD (Claro TV, Satellite), 39 (Star Globalcom).
  • Argentina: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 22 analog and 103 digital/HD (Cablevisión), 104 digital and 1009 HD (Telecentro), 24 SD and 154 HD (Antina), 14 analog, 102 digital and 1000 HD (Supercanal ).
  • Uruguay: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV).
  • Colombia: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 483 SD and 884 HD (Movistar TV), 511 SD and 1511 HD (Claro TV, Cable), 510 SD and 540 HD (Claro TV, Satellite)
  • Chile: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 480 SD and 884 HD (Movistar TV), 174 SD and 474 HD (Claro TV); 49 (Santiago), 53 (Valparaíso), 55 (Concepción) and 841 HD (VTR).
  • Ecuador: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 200 SD and 730 HD (Cable TV Group), 302 SD and 703 HD (CNT).
  • Bolivia: 54 (Cotas), 508 SD and 701 HD (Tigo), 40 (Entel), 105 and 507 SD and 508 HD (Inter Satelital).
  • Paraguay: 63 SD and 124 HD (Claro TV).
  • Venezuela: 621 SD (SimpleTV), 483 SD (Movistar TV), 105 HD (Inter Satellite).
  • Mexico: 548 SD and 1550 HD (Sky), 501 (Star TV).

Real Madrid vs Frankfurt via Star Plus

To access Star Plus and Real Madrid vs Frankfurt you need To with your personal details on the website of this streaming service. Go to and log in with your username and password. In case you are not registered, the platform offers you up to three types of subscriptions so that you can enjoy all the content available.

How to watch Real Madrid vs Frankfurt ONLINE FREE?

In order not to miss the Real Madrid vs. Frankfurt broadcast on the Internet, you can tune into the Star Plus signal, a streaming service where you can access the entire program of sporting events. In case you are unable to attend, you will have the opportunity to follow ONLINE coverage of this commitment via La República Deportes.

Real Madrid vs Frankfurt via TUDN


  • Sky: Channel 547 (SD), Channel 1547 (HD).
  • IZZI: Channel 501 (SD), Channel 890 (HD).


  • Sky: Channel 551 (SD), Channel 1551 (HD).
  • IZZI: Channel 502 (SD).

How to watch games on TUDN?

In order to enjoy TUDN’s live content, you must have subscribed to the pay TV service through izzi or Blim TV.

Real Madrid vs. Frankfurt: possible alignments

real Madrid: Thibaut Courtois, Dani Carvajal, Éder Miltiao, David Alaba, Ferland Mendy, Luka Modric, Casemiro, Toni Kroos, Federico Valverde, Karim Benzema and Vinícius Júnior.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Kevin Trapp, Almamy Touré, Night, Evan N’Dicka; Ansgar Knauff, Sebastian Rode, Djibril Sow, Philip Kostić, Jesper Lindstrøm, Mario Götze, Rafael Santos Borré.