Read: “Ambiguous right to Moscow.  Say no to their interference “

Read: “Ambiguous right to Moscow. Say no to their interference “

by Virginia Piccolillo

Democratic Party leader: ‘League may break pact with Putin’s party’ Amendola case closed: Secretary of State is running ‘out of respect for voters and militants’

«All parties say no to Russian interference. And the League announces the agreement with united Russia, Putin’s party ». The nomination game is almost over, with the counter-protest from State Secretary Vincenzo Amendola and the search for a solution for the constitutional lawyer Stefano Ceccanti, Enrico Letta can turn his attention to something else. Namely the war in Ukraine and the most powerful opponent at home: Giorgia Meloni, who in an interview with CNN is described as a “big, big risk” for Italy and Europe.

The leader of the Democratic Party firmly rejects the words of Dmitry Medvedev, vice-president of the Russian Security Council, who called on European voters to “punish the stupidity of governments in the ballot box” because “when the prize in the house is cold and the refrigerator is empty.” , democracy is crazy ». “Russia – accuses Letta – deposited the ballot paper in the Italian ballot box” and aims to “change the course of Italian foreign policy, which was immediately very clearly on the side of the EU and the Atlantic Alliance,” he intervened in one Interview with Tg1 at . And he adds: «We have to confirm this choice. It is clear that the vote of September 25 will also take place on this ».

But he takes the opportunity, the ex-prime minister, to warn against the “ambiguities of the right”. Starting with this signature of the League in the agreement with Putin’s party. Letta calls for cancellation: “If you don’t do it, it’s very serious for the sovereignty of our country.”

But he then launches the most insidious attack against the FdI boss because he is targeting the US audience of CNN: “If Meloni wins the elections, Trump, Putin and Orbán would be happiest in Europe,” he begins defining the next elections as “crucial”. “First of all, there is a great risk of changing Italy’s presence on the global scene,” he stresses. In addition, there is “a great risk for the country in economic and social terms and for the way it is governed in terms of unity and cohesion”.

Letta defines the “first big mistake” by Giorgia Meloni and her allies as having “interrupted the excellent work of the Draghi government. A bad solution for Italy because it took positive decisions, starting with the implementation of the recovery plan that made the country more reliable in terms of digital transition and sustainable transition ». A serious mistake was “the disruption of this process”, which reinforced the need to continue supporting the policies at the heart of Draghi’s agenda.

Finally, the alarm about alliances: “We need a stronger Europe and that Italy is in the heart of Europe, with France, Germany, Spain and Benelux and not with Poland and Hungary”.

In the meantime, the climate around the candidatures seems to be brightening. Amendola, after hours of discussions with the Secretary of the Democratic Party and hundreds of messages of support on Twitter, announces that he will accept the unarmored seat “out of respect for Democratic Party voters and activists who have supported the Democratic Party’s work in Europe in recent years.” years.” Letta told him to bet on him for the pro-European struggle right now.

The problem of the “war” of Pisa remains. The cancellation of the Pisan MP Stefano Ceccanti does not exactly raise a question in the country of Letta. There they listed Simona Bonafé, Florentine (almost an affront to Pisan narrow-mindedness). Then Arturo Scotto, who is not from the Democratic Party but from Article 1. And in the Uninomiale, unless it’s a polite move, Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian left. We’re going to talk about that again today.

August 18, 2022 (Modified August 19, 2022 | 00:12)