reaction in Catana, "sucks": scandal of 71,000 euros, serious suspicion of Rai

reaction in Catana, "sucks": scandal of 71,000 euros, serious suspicion of Rai

reaction in Catana quotsucksquot scandal of 71000 euros serious suspicion

Another chain reaction win for the trio of brats. But the controversy rages. All this for what happened in the episode of Saturday July 30 of the program directed by Marco Liorni on Rai 1, where Domenico, Martina and Federica collected a further 71,500 euros (for a total of 147,922 euros in prize money).

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The Brats have reached their final game, The Last Word, in the rush of Saturday a booty of 143 thousand euros: They had made a clear path. In the last game, they started with the word “Commodity” while the help was for the identifier “Sc…o”. At this point, the toss bought a second word and cut the prize pool in half. That word was “code”.

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And so, after a quick comparison, here’s what they offer the (discounted) solution: “Discount”. In fact, the connection between the three words: merchandise, discount, and code is obvious. Easy, too easy. And that’s exactly why controversy has exploded on Twitter, with many very critical tweets for so-called preferential treatment that the brats would enjoy. “Your name is Monelli but you read recommended. They are the only champions whose difficulty level has gone downhill. I’m kind of embarrassed about all this‘ wrote one. And again: “But when they practically lose, to lead them to victory, they give them the simplest words.” “If they win tonight, they make a record, they become the most recommended in the history of the game”, said another, and so on, in a barrage of angry chirps.