Raphy Pina is celebrating her daughter Vida Isabelles birthday

Raphy Pina is celebrating her daughter Vida Isabelle’s birthday

Music producer Raphy Pina Nieves today celebrated the first birthday of his daughter Vida Isabelle, who is born of his relationship with singer Natti Natasha. Pina published her Instagram account in tribute to the first birthday of her daughter Vida Isabelle, a gallery with photos from the girl’s birth to date. She then added more photos and videos from the cowboy-themed party. The party was attended by urban artist Daddy Yankee, Pina’s friend and partner.

Pina Nieves, who since the birth of her daughter has been accustomed to posting on her social networks photos of the little girl with her mother, singer Natti Natasha, siblings and relatives, asked her followers to wait for the celebration to which I am coming would at 11:00 am

“Beautiful flower! You were born in a perfect time. Since day 1 you miraculously arrived, we are united with you for 24 hours, both your parents, siblings, relatives and you. You are a being of hope for LIFE…” wrote the music producer.

Pina Nieves, who was found guilty on December 22 of illegally possessing two firearms – one of which was converted to fire automatically – had applied to have the probationary conditions he is on modified in order to be able to attend his daughter’s birthday party . Federal judge Francisco Besosa allowed him to be there for only five hours: from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

Currently, the artistic producer can only leave his apartment for professional matters and to meet with his lawyers. In addition, you must ask the court for permission to leave your home for other purposes.

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