1664741153 Rapes at LBoulevard Festival A Motion to Open an Ongoing

Rapes at L’Boulevard Festival: A Motion to Open an Ongoing Inquiry (Organizers) Le Desk

Rapes at LBoulevard Festival A Motion to Open an Ongoing

Photo credit: Mustapha Razi / Le Desk

In a second press release published this Saturday, the tabloid festival organizers claim to “take very seriously the publications on social networks reporting rapes allegedly committed last night, Friday September 30, committed during the festival”.

The festival adds that “the procedure for an official request to open an investigation is ongoing”.

“If we only speak now, it is because we have sought more information on the releases, both from the competent authorities and from netizens who have alarmed public opinion,” we can read.

“The L’Boulevard team strongly condemns all forms of gender-based and sexual violence,” the statement concluded.

As a reminder, as we reported on October 1st, several people interviewed by Le Desk, as well as internet users on social networks, argued that several festival-goers had been victims of sexual assault. In some cases, rape suffered was reported in the news published on social networks.

The festival’s initial release made no mention of these sexual assaults, let alone the physical violence mentioned. We content ourselves with pointing out the inclusion of property damage.

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